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Review of (Is Studymoose Legit?)

Essay makingrequires creative writing because it tests the knowledge of the literary materials to understand the students’ ability to analyze literary works or describe, gather thoughts and compare facts and develop a clear conclusion based on their understanding of the assigned work. Studymoose has been a rescuer for many years, students who find it difficult developing good essays prefer using this website. Studymoose have a splendid collection of text with different fields, students can access custom paper easily. The website presents a variety of samples that has already supported thousands of learners enabling them meet their academic grades.

The website was developed to help students who are struggling with the writing essay from feeling frustrated about the learning process. The company acknowledges the fact that writing a great essay without seeking help requires good ideas and profound knowledge of the topic. In addition, students need to put their ideas sequentially as required in an essay. Unfortunately, not all students have good writing skills that are why Studymoose and EssayBasics presents relevant features that help in communicating with its customers online.

studymoose review

Studymode design (3/5)

The website is simple with well laid, the website has a professional look. Study moose website features are academically oriented, sample papers are regularly posted on the website. The writers are professionals who know their job, one is assured of high-quality contents. It is easy to find several essay samples on this portal. All materials are arranged in an alphabetical order that makes students spend minimum time to identify what he wants. The most pleasant feature is that previewing sample essay is done free of charge, the services are convenient and reliable.

Free Papers Database (5/5)

The website free essay database offers great assistance for users because it helps them and finds worthwhile ideas, users can start writing essays or have better ideas about the topic. The quality of sample papers posted on the website makes it possible for users to have confidence in the writing essay because they provide guidelines on how to develop different types of essay. Users can write their own essays by choosing the right sequence of information as provided by the essay samples without making several inquiries.

Communication between Writer and Client (4/5)

The website features offer interactive platforms where writers and clients can interact. The website is flexible enough because some of its features enable clients to share or send their draft papers for further advice. The processes are not difficult, the user-friendly interface encourages users to seek for assistance. The simple process of accessing the website makes users frequent the site. All you need to do is to spend a couple of minutes to sign up, and you will see the terms of use if you agree to the conditions, you need to click on the provided box to proceed to the next steps.

Quality Control (4/5)

To maintain its quality contents, the website conducts frequent quality control measures to maintain the good reputation. Other interesting features include the question and answer dialogue box. Clients can easily contact the administrator to solve any problem. All the contacts are displayed on the website including their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Students do not waste time like another website where they have to follow specific procedures for communication, at Studymoose all you need to do sign up, and you can access the relevant material and services one wants.

The student essay upload form is a unique feature because this form helps student submit their drafted essay or any other material that can be used during essay writing. An essay writing guide form is provided to ensure that students submit all the relevant information, including the number of pages, the writing style, and the number of citations require and any other instructions provided by the tutors. Compared to other websites, study moose’s Robot Don Offer free essay checking software that enables customers to check for plagiarism to ensure high-quality papers are delivered. Robot Don is a free online text analytics and editing environment for clients’ content that helps improve essay writing in real time.

Using a simple process, Robot Don can be accessed by anyone who signs up for the services, the first step is to attach the completed essay on the provided space. The software provides editing features to enable students to make adjustment online.

Pricing (4/5)

The website offers original sample papers on any topic with proper essay structure delivered by professional expert within specific hours. Based on these advantages, Studymoose is affordable because they charge $ 13.90 per page. The pricing on Studymoose is charged based on the bidding process whereby writers propose their prices and the clients choose among the preferred prices. Students can choose the price based on the level of skills. The bidding system offers flexible prices, which are fair for both writers and clients.

Customer Support (3/5)

Even though the website is not linked to any social media page like Facebook, the website has a 24-hour customer service and live chat features. Studymoose is committed to protecting clients privacy, the privacy policy on the website is concerned with data collection and usage. The policy combined with the terms of use provides a detailed explanation as to what happens to personal data gathered during registration.


The policy describes that by using the website, clients’ consent has been obtained. Studymoose welcome any suggestion and questions andis a reliable online writing service that offers a decent writing solution for thousands of students struggling with their academic writing. The site offers quality content with reasonable prices with more affordable options. Studymoose is good online service.

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