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Review of

Speedypaper is one of the many academic writing sites helping students in their academic work. The site saves students the struggle of writing which is always seen by some students as a waste of their precious reading time. The writing services provided by the site include course work, thesis, term papers, essays and more of available academic work. The site deals with students in high school, colleges and universities. In the universities, the site takes care of both the undergraduate and graduate students. The primary purpose of reviewing a site is to show how best the site provides quality services and its ability to compete in the writing industry.


Speedypaper website is simple with plain colors. In writing bright and, different colors don’t persuade students to make orders, but the kind of quality delivered. From the fisrt sight of the site students without reading much detail will automatically know that the site is dealing with students of different levels. The photo of the four students in the site is a reflection of various academic levels the site is rendering its services. A student using Speedypaper site is bound to save time from the simplicity of the web page. Throughout the site, there is no much reading to get academic writing services by the students.

Quality of Papers

People believe quality comes with the number of years of existence of a writing site. The more the years of existence, the better the quality of services provided. There is no indication of years of operation of Speedypaper from the web site. The number of completed orders is numerous, and the students can use it to gauge the quality of work. The existence of a vast number of completed orders can miss lead about the quality of services. The number of orders is determined by several factors including marketing strategy and location. Students want to save time that’s why they opt for writing services, this means no student will waste their academic time searching elsewhere for the years of existence of the writing site.


The quality of work is shown by the feedback of clients. In the Speedypaper there is a section of testimonials, this serves as the feedback of the previously served clients. From the testimonies, students can determine the quality of services offered by Speedypaper. The testimonies make student confident with the services from Speedypaper. The fact that the statements are short and precise gives Speedypaper advantage in the writing industry.

The order button in the site is blinking which is useful for easy observation, but it appears to have been placed in a wrong place. Students are not given time to read how the service works and also to read testimonies of previously served students. The early appearance of order button is seen as much interest in the orders than what the students should know about the writing site. Not allowing students to read testimonies before ordering can push some students away from the site. Students may doubt the quality of services they will get.

Samples of past writings are provided on the website page. Students feel comfortable by knowing the type of a work a writing site can produce. The fact that these samples can be downloaded freely gives Speedypaper writing site a competing edge in the growing writing industry.

In the section of how the site works, the operation is well illustrated. The main problem is that the process seems to be focusing on the money aspect more than the students work. The students are not shown how their work will be handled once submitted. Having no idea of how the work is handled makes it difficult to follow the progress of the work.

Support Team

The site support team is available 24 hours in the seven days of a week. The 24-hour support to the students by Speedypaper site puts the site in a favorable place to compete in the writing industry. The team can be contacted, and one expects to get a satisfying response. The team directs in ways of submitting orders and also informs students of the progress of their orders in case there is a need. Students feel valued by the responses from this writing site. Also, the confidence of students increases in the services they expect to get.


The pricing is average for academic writing and can be afforded by most students. The pricing depends on several factors including academic levels, type of paper to be written, topic, etc. The variation of pricing gives students some confidence in the quality of work they will get. The popping up advert of discounts on arrival at the site is attractive and can make the site gain many new customers. People are always excited about discounts, and no one easily allows a discount chance to pass. The idea of getting a similar service from another site at a reduced cost is appealing and attractive. The modes of payments are also visible on the site.

Social Media

Social media marketing activity, from the website, is not visible. Chats are live and 24 hours. Most students like live chats because they can take their time to read and understand what the support team is saying. These live conversations give Speedypaper a competitive advantage to other writing sites.

Contact Information

Apart from the live chats, there is no sign of other contact information, in the form of an email address or a phone number. The absence of a phone number can have an adverse effect in acquiring new customers. It becomes pretty hard for other students to recommend the site to their friends. Currently, some individuals can create websites similar to your website, with the same name and all the information appearing on your site. A similar site is only easy to detect if there are enough contact details.


Speedypaper site has achieved average standards and needs to be continually improved, the site administrators need to organize the information appearing on the site in a suitable manner. The site also needs more contact details to contribute to improving on its security and service delivery. Speedypaper site with continued improvement can stand out as one of the best writing sites.

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