Review Of

Review of offers editing and proofreading services to scholars. The simplicity and the effectiveness of the layout of Papersbold’s site appeal to an average person. The site has this intriguing clarity. It is clean, and the look is flawless. Any person with no technical background will easily access it, and the appreciate it. The clean looking layout of the site makes any person accessing it feel comfortable. Anyone accessing it will have this feeling of safety and that they will get whatever they are looking for. The comfort to the reader comes from the color and the simplicity of the first page. There is no much text on the first page which also comforts the reader.


The site design has been done well in a professional manner. The wash-out image of books behind the links does not only serves as an additive to the aesthetic value but also tells the person accessing it clearly what they are looking for. The design is great and especially how the features have been arranged sequentially one after the other with a simple, clear description of what it entails. However, I feel like if the fonts were changed to Ariel, it would integrate well with the professional feel of the site. Ariel fonts are more rounded fonts. The site has employed the use of minimal graphics which are fast-loading and small. The color choice of the images is perfect as the colors blend perfectly.

The colors are excellent especially the blue color. The choice is excellent. But it would be better if more color could have been added on the banner at the top. This is because it is the introduction part and therefore should stand out to merge with the rest of the pages. The consistency of the design make gives the site a sense of wholeness and completion.


The links are well arranged on top making it easy to navigate. People who have no browsers that load images can easily access it via the text provided at the top. The provision of this text rates the site excellent since this is an essential component of any good site. The sections are highlighted in bold, right in the middle of the screen which makes the accessibility of information by the reader easy.

Support Team

From the site, we find that the site is equipped with an excellent and professional support team. Highlighting from the professional virtuoso provided; “Our team members are highly qualified experts in their respective fields, and they are passionate to help you achieve your desired goals.” What this means is that any client’s work will not be jeopardized since professionals are the expertise of different fields. The other thing to take note of is that they are a team of highly qualified professionals. This, therefore, ascertains professionalism and quality of the work they offer. Looking at the information provided concerning customer care services, the information given is as follows. “Our customer care representatives are always there to help resolve your concerns and queries in no time. Just get in touch with them.” There is also an assurance of being served well by the customer care representatives. They are fast regarding responding to the queries or concerns of the clients which is a good thing in the business world. What a client should do is just to get in touch with the customers care representatives and everything shall fall into place.


The prices of the services offered are affordable and therefore can accommodate an average individual pursuing excellence in their academic work. What the client needs to do is just to find out about their services through the site. They can then easily place an order and pay accordingly. After the payment is confirmed, then a professional will embark on the work. However, it could have been better if the payment would be done after the work is done. This is because making payments before work is done is taking a risk on the clients’ side. I would also suggest that if payment is not done after the completion of the job, then what is done is just the deposit then payment closed after delivery. As much as the site assures quality, not every site is trustworthy, and this is one thing they should work on.

Social Media

The social media marketing strategy is just perfect. They have found the people who are engaged in the services they offer. They have identified their target market and thus focused on quality. The target market they identified is the students and professional writers. Without much ado, they have connected with their target market. But it would be a good idea if the site expanded to social media and connected with the students from there. Students are mostly found on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and also create an account of the same on the social media. They will be easily accessible and so many people around the globe will know about them and their services. It would also be advisable that if they blog, they should send the topic of the blogs on social media.

Contact Information

The contact information is provided on the banner. They insist on clients contacting them and the word “Contact us” is right there on the banner as well as on some pages. At the bottom of the pages there is space provided where after going through the site, the client can get connected with them via messaging. They will respond to the client’s mail as it requires them to provide the mail address. It could have been better if full contact information could be disclosed like for example the customer service number. The procedure through which a client can make an order is not also well provided. What is told is that the client can make an order through simple steps which are not provided. The mode through which the payment is done is also not provided. The best way could have been that all this information is provided right there on the site to make the process shorter.

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