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Review of

A quality academic writing is not easy to achieve for some students. The academic writings include term papers, essays, thesis, dissertations, book reviews, etc. Academic writing is done across the entire education levels, high school to universities. Most students, international students, find it difficult to do their first writing in an English speaking country, they, therefore, resort to online academic writings. Some students also, do not attend all classes, and it becomes difficult for them to write their term papers. The difficulties students face in academic writing has been solved by the created online writing sites. Students pay, and their work is done for them. My Writing Expert site is one of the sites doing the writing for students. There are other writing sites constituting the writing industry. The clients for the writing companies are students, mostly same students, this implies that there is a lot of competition in the writing industry. Different writing companies have to curve their way to have an advantage over other companies in the writing field.


There are several writing sites in the writing industry, the appearance of a site can discourage or encourage a student. Straightforward and illustrative web pages attract students’ attention. My Writing Expert web page design is simple with a plain color, black, used. Students don’t have to strain to access the information they require, every detail is visible from the main taskbar to the last word. The appearance of the site shows that My Writing Expert is concerned with quality and not unnecessary information. The appearance of My Writing Expert site attracts most students, and hence the writing company has a competing advantage over other writing companies.

Satisfaction is essential in any business transaction. The photo of the two students in the site is a sign of happiness. A student gets satisfied if they receive a quality work from a writing site. On seeing this photo, most students will want the services of My Writing Expert without further questions. The testimonials are a good sign of satisfaction and quality. The site owners tend to be genuine by putting the graph of unsatisfied students on the site. Students automatically know that their feedback is valued, whether negative or positive. Negative comments are used by companies to improve their services. Therefore, the presence of negative feedback on the site is an indication of improved writing quality. Improvement of writing quality is satisfying to the students, and most students will want their papers done by My Writing Expert.

The web design of My Writing Expert is an indication of the importance of communication to their operation. The first thing one sees on opening the site is the chatting platform. This chatting platform indicates that students’ opinions are valued. Some students don’t like too much reading and will, therefore, turn to the chatting platform.

Support Team

Technology knows no one and people must be given right direction to access technological service. The direction is provided by a sites support team. Just like any other writing site, My Writing Expert site has a 24/7 support team. The team can be reached over the phone and through live chats. The team listens to inquiries, complaints, and direction of how an order is to be handled. The customer care also provides updates on the progress of work once an order is submitted. My Writing Expert site support team gives the site a competitive advantage over other companies.


Every student wants their work done at the lowest price. Writing companies have different pricing policies to satisfy their clients. Some writing sites are having discounts for new students and regular students. Discounts and pricing policies of different writing sites are to lure students. The pricing of My Writing Expert is relatively high as compared to the prices of other writing companies. The high price is a disadvantage in the competitive writing industry. My Writing Expert site and its clients trust the quality of its services that they seem not worried by the high price. Though the prices are high, the students know that they will have quality papers to earn them good grades. My Writing Expert has no discount on its services. The absence of price cut is not a worry given the quality of work the delivery.

Social Media

Technology has brought important changes in the education system. Technology has improved the quality of education. Students can share information and interact freely with other students in other countries. The communication has been enhanced by the social media platforms. The social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, and Google accounts among others. Any business targeting the student must be active on the social media accounts. My Writing Expert uses social media marketing activities to reach the students. My Writing Expert site also has an app that students can download and use to access the writing services. The social media platform is an easy way of widening the customer base of a writing site since it’s easy for students to recommend it to their friends. Recommending the service to friends in other countries broadens the customer base of My Writing Expert. Use of an app by My Writing Expert is very beneficial to students who own smartphones, they can download the app and access the service anywhere, even on their beds. Social media marketing strategy is an advantage to My Writing Expert in the competing industry.

Contact Information

Students value most convenient and reliable communication methods. My Writing Expert site uses phone calls, emails and live chats to reach their clients. The presence of the three modes of communication shows that every client will be attended.  Attending all customers is an advantage to My Writing Expert site, the client care team gets to understand their customers better.


My Writing Expert is a quality writing site with a simple web page design. The sight is above average site. The pricing of the company needs to be lowered. Lowering prices can be done by the introduction of discounts or other special offers. Right pricing will make My Writing Expert compete even better in the writing industry.

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