Review Of Review (Is It Legit?)

Geeklylab is a website application that assists students by connecting them to Geeks, these are people with expert knowledge of specific college-related tasks. The uniqueness of the website is obvious by its name, the core of Geeklylab is its uniqueness in scheduling and planning. It is a platform that helps the student in organizing their work through unique algorithms that match the student’s request. For me, Geeklylab is a collaborative platform with the goal of helping students study smartly, saving time and help them develop confidence in their academic performance by offering professional help. The Geeklylab website special features show the nature of services offered. review

How the application work for the students

The application uses an automated process that uses a messaging system. There are no messages that crops up in during the conversation, and there is no pop out chats, no call or emails. Every feature is simple in that when you arrive at the homepage, there is an allocation for students to create their area by creating their accounts.

The account enables student work on their project or request for help from the Geeks, these are individuals online with 100 people available at any given time. This means that any request will be handled within the appropriate time. Geeks are graduate students who develop a passion for guiding the student and are professional educators who are enthusiastic about their work. The website offers additional information including the office location in San Francisco with pictures of several people being displayed on the website.

The cost of using Geeklylab

The best part of using this app is that students get to benefit from all its features like the planning tools, scheduling tools, text message services and reminders for free, but after paying for the services. The charges depend on the urgency, the length of the paper and the field of study. It would be good to have a pricing page, but the range of service provided cannot allow the website to post fixed prices on everything. On average, students can pay for $ 60 the best part is that unlike other companies who request for 100 percent prepayment, GeeklyLab request for a 30 percent that can be as low as $ 20. The rest can be paid only when the service is completed.

Why GeeklyLab is different from other services

Geekly Lab offers unique services because, at each stage of the project, the Geeks will contact the clients to ensure that they are on the right path. Clients can make adjustment where necessary even before the project is completed. Most clients are satisfied with the services provided. Besides the website money back option is available, users are given the opportunity to explain why they think they need their money back. Friendly managers analyze the reason and explain to clients if it is possible or not. Refund requests are rare because geeks are required to meet high internal standards. Clients benefit from an amazing combination of self –organized services tools with automated services that are readily available 24 hours. The flexibility of payment enables students to access these services because of it is convenient.

Pricing (3/5)

The website does not have a pricing page, once clients fill the request form, the prices are presented directly to clients but not displayed on the website. At times, it takes a long time to find the right geek for complicated assignments like marine engineering. The few available experts charge higher prices for their services. The process of negotiating the prices can be challenging for students it requires patience and in-depth understanding of the nature of assignments. Besides, the website does not provide discounts or promotion codes to pay for lower prices would mean paying the writer directly, which is not permitted.

Geeklylab offers the best services because it utilizes the services of freelancers. All you need to do is to fill in a form on the homepage sign up and describe the project in detail. The company does not take up much of its client personal data like phone numbers. The interactions are done on the web page including, feedbacks and delivery of completed assignments. By simply paying the 30 percent down payment, the rest of the work is done.

Order Process (3/5)

It is not easy to know what the website offers because you cannot find a set of tasks to choose from. You simply type what you want, and you receive a response to inform you whether your request is possible or not. In my view, this process is not safe because anyone can sign in without necessarily having the right skill that might compromise on the quality of service to be delivered. The process of signing up is hectic because clients have to create their accounts on the web page to see what is available. EssayBasics forfeited this shortage of.

Social Media (3/5)

Their social marketing strategies include linking their Facebook account to the website to provide additional information about their services. The Facebook page presents reviews from satisfied users who post positive comments about the website. The page has various features of the placing request, including a call button and messaging services. The company’s Twitter services are also available, displaying similar content found on their Facebook page. Apart from the services and prices, it is true that the writers offer timely services you are assured of receiving your assignment within the stipulated time. With writers available, online to answer your question, students are assured of receiving their assignment on time.

Summary (Is GeekyLab Good Writing Service or not)

The fact that you can get instructors even on odd days like Sunday from 5 to 7 pm these services are amazing. To sum up, Geeklylab is a reliable application that students can benefit from especially for those who want to prepare for their coursework. Most students testify that their grades have improved. Greekly lab offers great services, and I would recommend this website to anyone who cannot cope with the academic essay requirements.

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