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Review Of

Currently, the writing industry has been flocked by many essay writing and buying platforms. Finding the best or the most reliable platform has become increasingly tedious for students who have on numerous occasions fallen victim to dubious and unreliable platforms. A majority of these platforms promise heaven while in the real sense they give significantly less of what is on their resume. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right one. However, there are still few that offer what they promise, but their prices are also exorbitant or inflated. Students are thus asked to be prepared to spend more than they budgeted for if they are in need of high quality essays. While few high quality platforms exist, fewer offer affordable prices for their material and an example of such is essayyoda. like our essay writing service have managed to build a name for themselves in the writing industry with their reputable resume and group of dedicated personnel that always seems to give their best. By building a bridge of cooperation between their senior personnel, their writers, and clients, have managed to not only build a name for themselves but also create a loyal client-hood. In this article, a critical review of the platform is provided and the services offered are discussed in greater detail.


The design of a site is the first thing that strikes visitors, and either makes them continue exploring a site or leave immediately. Writing platforms, as well as other organizations, invest a lot in the design of their websites. A good design can also help to advertise or market an organization or a platform and hence the time and resources that are committed to it. Having a user-friendly design is often given priority and rightfully so because anything that clients interact with should always take center stage. did a lot of work on the design of their site. First of all, they simplified their platform and made sure that visitors will not have any trouble navigating the site or even doing simple activities such as placing an order. The site also appears professional and does not have a lot of jumbled up links and out of place sections. Currently, a majority of websites are mobile friendly. However, as a design disadvantage, is not mobile friendly and therefore, some of its features and links fail to function when a client tries to access the site using their phone. The placement of links at the top of the homepage is also an advantage. In some occasions, organizations and writing platforms overdo their design and use fonts as well as place certain links and sections in areas where clients might fail to see. However, took the above factors into consideration and therefore, did an excellent job of giving their clients easy access to everything on their site.

Support Team

Regardless of how good the quality of orders and essays a platform offers, failure or success hinges or depends on having a reliable site support team. A site support team needs to always be on alert and wait for any client complaints. When clients seek clarification or when clients place orders, the site support team needs to offer any help needed and make sure that clients are given the best service possible. By being reliable, a site support team also smoothens and reliably bridges the gap between the clients and the writers. Communication is key in a writing platform, and without a reliable support team, breakdowns will be many. At, the management understands the work and effort that it takes to run the platform. With an excellent support team that is always accessible regardless of time of day or night, the team at has managed to create something that cannot be replicated or even copied. One very noticeable disadvantage is the lack of an instant messaging application that could allow instant feedback from the support team. With such an application, communication should be streamlined and be made simpler. However, lacks such a platform and therefore, is falling behind when compared to other platforms with the application.


The pricing structure is also an important feature that must also be considered when setting up a writing platform. While the aim is to make a profit, some prices are often unfair and seem to be extorting from students. In most occasions, the pricing of an order or essay is dependent on the level of education, the number of pages, number of sources, as well as the timeframe. Compared to other platforms, orders from seem to be priced relatively higher. However, the one advantage that has over its competitors is that clients are also given room to select their preferred writers. High quality orders are guaranteed at all times and with the team of highly experienced professionals, it might feel like a bargain. An assurance of quality is something most students seek but never find. However, at, there is a promise of no compromise on quality.

Social Media Activities

Currently, social media marketing has become an integral tool in the field of marketing. People have built multi-million dollar companies through SMM and others are still sprouting. No one wants to be left behind, and writing platforms have also joined the bandwagon. never wanted to be left behind and therefore, decided to use Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter to advertise its services. These platforms often have over a billion users on a daily basis and therefore, represent a significant client base for the platform. The team tasked with maintaining these sites seem busy, and there is medium activity from users and visitors who post queries. If used well, SMM can be an asset, but if used poorly, SMM can be a liability that hastens a company’s downfall.

Contact Info

Contact info should be readily available, and clients should not struggle to find it. In, the contact info is readily available, and clients seem to have an easy time accessing it. The contact info page is also fitted with a map that provides direction for clients who seek to visit the platform’s offices. However, the lack of a phone number cannot go unnoticed. In most occasions, a phone number is often provided which makes it easier for clients to seek clarifications while also making their own. This is indeed a disadvantage for the platform and should, therefore, be rectified.


Regardless of some of the mentioned disadvantages, has made life for its clients easy. Through its 24/7 writing service, with a reliable and professional team, the platform is and will always continue to be among the best in the business.

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