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Review of

Bestessays writing services have existed for more than 19 years providing students with writing services they require. The long time existence of Bestessays symbolizes the site’s experience in the writing industry. Most students trust the site due to its high-quality services. The site provides a broad range of services including thesis writing, term papers, essays, etc. The range of services means that students don’t have to use several writing sites to get different writing services. The wide variety of services and the years of experience make Bestessays most popular site in the writing industry. Students are attracted to Bestessays due to its prices, web design, site support team, and availability of contact information.


The website design of Bestessays is simple with plain colors. Students tend to be busy and therefore a moderately simple writing site would save their time. The simplicity of the design and the number of years of existence of Bestessays shows that experience is essential in writing industry. Writing industry is not about coloring the site but the quality of work. From how information is arranged on the site, students can easily see what they need.

Bestessays site is designed to suit students’ busy schedule. The first words of the site ‘Best essay,’ attract students to the writing site, the words make students believe that the service they will get is the best in the writing industry. The next inviting future of the website design is the idea of meeting professionals to do students writing, this could have been put intentionally at the top to make students trust the kind and quality of the sites writings.

It is sometimes not easy to navigate through a whole web page trying to find where you can tap to submit your order. Bestessays site has put ordering button strategically to the students. The button blinks in case the cursor hovers over it, this quickly attracts students’ attention. Getting what you want on your first search is pleasing, this makes students think of Bestessays first in case they want writing services.

The fact that the web design accommodated writers and their profiles is an advantage to Bestessays site over other sites. Students’ trust increases if they know the academic qualifications of writers handling their work. The educational background of the authors helps students to judge whether the site can efficiently handle their jobs.


The testimonial section of the site is crucial to proving the credibility of the site. The testimonials are like the positive feedbacks of students who have experienced services of Bestessays site. These testimonies appear genuine, and therefore, students are persuaded to get their writing services from Bestessays. The testimonials also show the experience of the writing site in handling academic writing jobs.

The interesting feature on this site is the availability of sample work. The web design is not complete without a sample, just like competing companies, a writing company must sell itself by showing what they have done before. There are several writing sites, and if a site does not sell itself well, it may lose to other competitors. The sample work gives students ideas of what to expect if they submit orders.

The web page also displays how the process of writing once an order is submitted works. This process helps students track and know the progress of their work. Knowing progress of an order increases the confidence of students to the writing service site.

At the bottom of the page lies the means of payments students can use to pay for the services. Placing the payment mode at the bottom of the page shows that the priority of the site is the students and their work. Payment is a process that must be for the sustenance of the company.

Support Team

The site’s support team is available 24/7. The team asks relevant questions and also responds appropriately to students’ question. The team provides an update on the progress of students’ work in case students inquire. The team has knowledge of the Best Essays writing site, this makes students feel they are dealing with the appropriate people to handle their orders. The individuals in the team are endowed with good customer care skills. The skills enable them to deal with the full range of students they deal with daily. People always want to be valued, and shown respect, the skills of the customer care services in Bestessays site makes students feel respected and valued. The client care service team is another manifestation of experience in the Bestessays site.


The prices in Bestessays site have a broad range of values. The range of price values helps students choose the type of service they can afford. The 15% discount on new students is an attractive gesture to new students to the site. The 15% off on new students increases the customer capacity of the site. Also, the 15% discount to existing customers who have submitted more than 100 pages helps the site in keeping its already existing customers.

Social Media

The social media marketing activity (SMM activity) is not popular with this company, but there is a social platform where students can chat with the customer care team. The probable main reason for the lack of SMM activity is the company’s many years of existence. The company believes they have captured the writing industry and also popular with students. The served students are now the ones marketing the company.

Contact Information

The site has toll free phone numbers to the students living in the countries where they operate. The toll-free numbers enable students to inquire adequately about the offered services. The site has no email address, but this can be understood because they already have a live chat on the site.


Bestessays, has a well-designed web page, good pricing policies, a well-defined contact information, and a customer care team committed to their work. Bestessays site stands to compete rival writing companies effectively.

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