Relationship Between Nursing Science And The Profession (Essay Sample)

Nursing Science and profession

Currently, students work hard to achieve the requirements regarding careers of their choices. Some opt for engineering, accountancy, teaching, and management among others. However, few people love nursing as a career and appreciate its exciting and challenging components that surround passionate care for patients. Nursing as a career is both a science and a profession with interrelated aspects. Therefore, understanding nursing science and profession are easier when one comprehends the meaning of profession and science. The profession is a pursuit that requires knowledge and sophisticated skills to deliver service for others. Besides, it needs the respect of ethics, codes, upholding competency, integrity and morality. On the other hand, nursing science is a body of knowledge that is discrete and delves in paradigms, theories, and frameworks that help people adopt in anticipated or actual health problems, the environment and therapeutic solutions that promote health and disrupt impacts of illness. Therefore, nursing science and nursing profession are the same careers that require training of scientific skills, the knowledge that is based on the art and science foundation concerning technological development. Thus, in both cases, there is training on the best methods of observation, solutions to problems, best interventions, care plans, and evaluations.

Regarding nursing science and the nursing profession, people gain knowledge on human experiences through conceptualization and evidence based research which forms the guide for all the practices in nursing. Consequently, the knowledge is channeled into educational system for better understanding. On the other hand, nursing profession aims at providing service to the people through nursing aspect as an art. Therefore, the nurse professionals ensure proper regulation of standard of practices that give more information on safety to the society and in all settings.

Separately, nursing profession comprises people who pursue an education in nursing discipline according to the required standards that promote health safety for all in the society. Therefore, the individual who studies nursing is supposed to follow the specification in the medical science and nursing knowledge hence they have to acquaint themselves with knowledge from nursing science. Also, the nursing profession entails education on a broad spectrum of practice possibilities in every paradigm, theories, and medical traditions.  Thus, they acquire knowledge on health promotion, maintenance, and prevention of illness. Therefore, nursing science needs formal skills and expertise hence it relates to a nursing profession which is an occupation with training as a requirement besides having a formal qualification. Besides, as a profession requires that people get a formal education, autonomy of practice and confirmation to the strict codes of ethics, thus is nursing science that needs mastery of all skills necessary for nursing.

Lastly, nursing as a profession gives people title of work. Students that pursue nursing as a career get employment in the healthcare industry. The job title primarily nurse is itself a profession makes a person an expert different from the role of nursing from other healthcare practitioners such as doctors. Therefore, the relationship aspect of nursing science is the scientific knowledge acquired through training, functions, and responsibilities as an expert.

In conclusion, the question of the relationship between nursing science and nursing profession may be difficult to settle. However, nursing itself has qualities that require a formal education and training from different institutions of learning besides capturing aspects of policies for the practitioners. Other aspects of nursing make the professionals work autonomously with adherence to a code of ethics with relevant educational standards that have scientific backgrounds. Also, it entails an understanding of norms and cultures as well as knowledge. Thus, nursing profession gives an aspect of art in that it reveals the practical guidelines, regulations, and standards while nursing science delves on skills acquired through training. Henceforth, the relationship between nursing science and nursing profession exist as one aspect forming nursing as a career.

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