Relationship Between Humans And Animals (Essay Sample)

Relationship between humans and animals

Domestic and wild animals have long been an integral part of human culture. They are essential to human survival. Other than being a significant economic resource, the animal has been used to drive happiness and entertainment activities. Most importantly, domestic animals like dogs and cats are sources of security to man. The relationship between man and animals is firm with a long history. They play significant roles in the lives of people. Besides being protectors, animals provide great companions, co-workers, and benefactors to the human being. Animals provide mental and physical therapy to people. In some extreme cases, animals provide physical fitness to elderly to assist to aid them to walk efficiently.

The developed countries have embraced extreme love and care for the pet animals. Special attention and hospitality are accorded to pets just like any other family members. In some cases, pets are trained to carry out significant human roles and responsibilities like being messengers, detectives and intelligence roles as well as raising the alarm during danger. Animals also help during a rescue mission. Meanwhile, human beings have fairly treated their pets with dignity and decorum. They have provided proper accommodation and healthy meals to their pets. The animals have become an essential part of the family members. Elderly population with no children within the households prefer staying with pets for companionships rather than adopting children. Having advanced age, animals easily take order and commands than children who could be disrespectful and stubborn to accommodate.

The relationship between man and animals is mutual and beneficial to either party. Dairy cattle and goats are extremely important to human life. They provide nourishment and essential macro nutrients necessary for growth and development. Milk from dairy animals is a staple food in some communities. Pastoralists groups, for instance, rely on their animals for survival. They get milk, blood, and meat from their cattle. On the other hands, the pastoralist community treats their animals with utmost care and dignity. They provide security to their cattle while on the ranch. Besides protecting the cattle from wild animals like lions and hyenas in the wilderness, pastoralists ensure water and pasture accessibility. Sick cattle are traditionally treated to cure them of tropical disease. Pastoralists provide physiotherapy to their cattle with physical bruises and joints dislocations.

Birds are significant friendly animals in humans’ livelihood. The domestication of birds was purposely done for the provision of eggs, greatly rich in protein and iron nutrients. Later, the benefits of birds exponentially begun to grow. Besides the provision of eggs, they help people to keep time and attend daily activities. They alert people in the dawn with their melodious tunes. Some caged birds are greatly valued for the security roles they play in human lives. Caged birds are strategically placed at the main entrance to alert people when strangers are accessing the entry into the house. They produce wild and scary sound to inform household members about the strangers. Moreover, the physical appearance of caged birds gives a pleasant and admirable outlook within the homestead. Caged birds on the hand receive utmost treatment alongside nutritious diet.

Finally, the relationship between man and animals originated a long time with fish and other aquatic creatures getting into the system. For a long period, fish has only been perceived as sources of foods to humankind. However, the emergence of colored fish has provided great pleasure in Homestead and museums. They are used for decoration purposes, and most importantly, they are a great source of joy and happiness during the hard times when there is depression. In conclusion, the relationship between man and animals is significant for the survival and promotion of nature.

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