Relationship Between Human And Nature (Essay Sample)

Relationship between human and nature

When man and nature meets, the question is what kind of relationship do they have. The relationship between human and nature can be described in different ways; it can be beautiful, cruel or at times puzzling. Human responds to nature in different ways. Based on their surrounding, humans can simply accept nature, deal with their situation, or make efforts to change it.   Human evolution has been necessitated by nature from the time human were Homo sapiens and eventually becoming modern.

Human constantly developed alternative ways of coping with nature.  Humans are forced to contend with the changing patterns of weather, and other natural processes affected human until they found out ways of dealing with it using advanced technology. Natural calamities have affected human presenting patterns of problem and challenges that man eventually found some solution to some of these challenges.

Human and nature have collaborated; normally people say that human activities destroy nature. However, we should understand why humans destroy nature.   Destroying nature are not an individual initiative people destroy nature to meet their basic requirements.   Naturally, the number of people living on earth has increased meaning that natural resources are over-utilized. As society evolves, the population has grown, and natural resources needed to facilitate the needs of the expanded population have been overused.

With advanced technology,   modernization has taken shape leading to human distancing themselves from nature. The shift to modern lifestyle has enhanced the need for natural resource changing the human perception of nature. In the modern times, humans have failed to value nature. Humankind suffers because of the destruction of nature; humans are forced to withstand harsh temperatures due to deforestation. Despite several attempts to conserve the natural resources other forms of natural disasters is still a challenge for human survival. The world is becoming worse due to the destruction of natural processes.

Humans may be strong enough to dominate the world, but we cannot afford to destroy nature  As witnessed in several places like Australia fires and the urban air pollution, most people are not conscious about the future. It will reach a point where all the natural resources will be depleted; there will be no oil or fertile land or fresh air to breathe. There will be many toxins hovering around reminding us of our past activities of destroying nature.  Humans keep on abusing power over nature destroying the original pure nature that once existed. All shows the truth that human and nature no longer exist in harmony instead humans are destroying nature.

Humans need to collaborate with nature to change the world for the better. Human plays a vital role in nature. To achieve a sustainable future, the humans need to revisit their relationship with nature.  There are many suggestions on how humans can begin to build a sustainable relationship with nature. The most important strategy is to educate people about the need to conserve the environment and provide them with real-life examples of some of the negative impact of destroying the environment like the global warming. Using such examples humans will see the need to minimize the destruction of natural resources. It is important to review ways in which human have negatively affected the environment to develop sustainable solutions to avoid further destruction and promote a positive relationship between man and nature.

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