Real Learning Takes Place Through Experience (Essay Sample)

Real Learning Takes Place Through Experience


Learning starts at pre-school and continues even after college but mostly, the hardest and most valuable lessons are understood only through real life experiences. The different field of sciences or subjects studied while in grade school, high school and college are applied only in real life. Topics in science, mathematics, language and literature, values and education are also seen to be issues and situations in everyday living. Having the knowledge as learned in school will help the student to uphold the formulas, values or solutions in solving various dilemma and circumstances. However, people who are by the book are quite different from those known to be street wise. The classroom setting plays a huge difference from real life experiences and sometimes it’s a matter of life or death as compared from problems and issues discussed in the four walls of a school. However, it is a proven fact that people who are educated and have earned a degree in universities are known to be more wise in their decisions and in applying what they have learned since they have been taught how to think critically and logically in school.

Knowledge is Power

The more you know in life, the more wisdom you have in terms of work or job applications, career and in performing professional tasks. The art of learning and studying have been taught in school and strategies, methods and organization of thoughts and ideas play important roles in handling issues and problems  that arise in this journey of life. Knowledge extends from knowing how to handle simple household chores, driving the car, writing articles for newspapers and up to handling patients in hospitals. Knowledge must be used wisely and in the absence of any form of neglect or misuse. In life, there always has to be application of what we have learned from our teachers and schools. The real test does not happen within classroom settings but outside once we go out to the real world. Schools only teach us how to survive in real life and what to do in different situations. Schools and Learning agencies arm us with the techniques and skills necessary to be successful in life. Education gives us an edge as opposed to other people who have not achieved nor attained any degree in universities and colleges. Education makes us smarter and tougher than the rest who have not sacrificed to be able to finish their schooling. Those who have finished their degree are known to be more able to survive and reach the success being dreamt of.

Advantages and Benefits of Experiences in Life

Usually what we don’t see nor study in school are seen and heard only through our daily experiences in life and these are the type of learning facts and information that are unforgettable. Likewise, most of us make mistakes in life and through these wrong decisions, we learn the value in every circumstance and in every problem. Experiences whether positive or negative, strengthens all of us or we could allow it to either build or break us. Some people are wise enough to turn negative experiences into stories of fear and successes. In addition, these experiences become a part of our lives and make our character which in turn could help us assist other people who are going through similar problems and give them counsel or advice.


There are numerous types of learning experiences and some of those might lead us into negative results or failures. We are given the freewill to decide and decipher the good from the bad. The things we learn outside of the classrooms are valuable as well and worth keeping and remembering.

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