Real Education (Essay Sample)

Real Education

Real education has been impacting our society to have a simple measure on achieving a great success to a person’s life in the future. Obtaining a degree is one of the most significant achievements that a person can partake as a way for them to improve their skills and knowledge. When it comes to job offerings, real education engages in an activity that allows an individual to become productive in their respective path. Companies and organizations usually require an academic degree before they are going to accept individuals to be a part of their company or institution. As a requirement, many applicants from different backgrounds are often denied because they do not have a degree that can manage to sustain the company’s integrity.

When it comes to real education, this is termed as a formal education that every person must have to undergo until they become adults who can contribute something to the society. Formal education is required for everyone who wants to fulfill their ambitions when they obtained a certain degree after graduating. Students must have to enroll themselves in a certain academic institution in order to undergo a formal education system. As young as six years old, children are already obliged to be sent to school because their brain needs something to clarify issues that can improve their academic degree. In this case, the essence of real education is experienced by the students whenever they enroll themselves in academic institutions. The reason behind is that there is a formal way of educating younger individuals so that they can become future leaders of the society such as being a public official of our community in the future.

Real education has transformed into a new style of educating young individuals through the use of technology. One main reason is the use of face-to-face communication using the computer or any electronic device. Using technology has been a significant way for reaching out remote areas that are inaccessible by either land or road. This is the reason why there is a homeschooling method to allow students who could not reach their school due to a rigid geographical terrain can still have the chance to have a real educational experience. There are more academic institutions that are now offering home schooling program for students who prefer being home schooled. This is due to security risks experienced by students such as who is constantly bullied at school that affects their learning sustainability.

Real education does not consider a non-formal way of delivering an education program just by a small conversation. This is because there is a contract agreed between the student, their parents, and the school administration. A formal education provides a curriculum for students about the topic that will be covered in each subject that they are enrolled. There are details regarding the topics of their subjects that will be discussed by their teachers as part of the program of the institution. For every student, having an educational attainment is an important achievement because they are able to apply what they have learned from their schools. Some institutions require their students to undergo board and lodging within the vicinity of the school as part of their academic program. Schools provide dormitories for students who are living in far flung areas from the location of the institution (Resmovits, 2013).


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