Racial Injustice (Essay Sample)

Racial Injustice

With lessons from history, it is evident that injustice has been part and parcel of the world’s geopolitical environment. There are still numerous instances in the present day, of the same. Injustice ranges from ethnic, racial, political and virtually any aspect that can be used to separate people between themselves, based on personal physical and ideological characteristics. Among the most rampant and infamous cases or instances of injustice has centered on race. Racial injustice is well documented. Racial injustice reveals itself when individuals are deprived of their rights and privileges based on the ethnic background. One of the major unions that see to address racial injustice is the American Civil Liberties Union, and it avails public awareness and education as well as training in efforts to curb the unpleasant practice.

The United States is a country that prides itself in a strong respect for equality and justice. Its constitution enshrines individual rights and democracy in equal measure. Even with such great strides, the country continues having challenges when it comes to matters of race. Instances of racial injustice occur across the nation. There are various ethnic groups that are discriminated based on racial characteristics. Most individual groups are discriminated due to their racial background, for instance, the Native Americans. There is a systematic form of discrimination occurring among these natives, to an extent that they are subsequently eliminated from national dialogue.

The other group that has so often faced racial discrimination are the blacks. Tracing back to the earlier centuries, blacks have suffered the most severe form of racial discrimination. White extremists have always treated blacks as lesser people, and in this manner, deprived them of basic needs and rights. Before the advent of Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.A, the situation in the country painted a very grim picture for racial equality. Life was hard for blacks. No rights, no justice and no voice. The United States need to establish strategies of eradicating this inequality as all men should be treated equally and equitably. Racial injustice is evident inform of segregation by race where people are restricted to access various institutions for instance churches or schools due to their race.

While much about racial injustice has been symbolized by the mistreatment of blacks, racial injustice covers other races too. Racial segregation is also evident in most countries and most cases it functions to grant the superior racial groups huge economic advantages over the others. A good example of racial injustice is evident in the case of the Middle East which mainly aims at low wages to the foreign employees. There are the cases of workers passports taken away and them being treated inhumanly due to their racial background.

The violence that is therefore against the affluent Chinese in Indonesia is also a good example of how racial injustice manifests in the world.  The Indians still mistreat the Dalits due to their lower class and race. Police brutality is also a common challenge for the Native Americans in the United States. Nazi Germany also provides another tragedy of racial injustice, as Jews were systematically eliminated, in one of the worst catastrophes in human history.

Racial injustice not only erode the mental health of a person but also lead to accumulation of negative life patterns in an individual .The effect is poor performance and divisions which can affect a country’s well-being in the long run. Racial injustice is, therefore, a global challenge that should be addressed to curb inequalities and boost unity and collaboration.

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