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Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods emphasize on the objective measurements and the mathematical, statistical, or the numerical analysis of data that has been gathered through polls, surveys, and questionnaires, or by manipulating pre-existing statistical information using computational techniques.

They explain the data collected, report the unanticipated events, explain the techniques used and choose a minimal statistical sufficient procedure.  In most cases they are used to describe the assumptions, by the use of the inferential statistics, avoiding inferring causality and finally telling the reader the results in tables and figures.

In the preexisting statistical data gathered and provided by other persons, have to report on the various methods for data collection and clearly indicate the data that is missing and provide a clear explanation of the missing data that does not undermine the validity and authenticity of the results of analysis.

Possible difficulties with this subject area

The main area that shows the main form of difficulty is the interpretation of results, the reiterate of the results of the research problem being investigated by comparing the final findings and the underlying study assumptions. Another area is the description of the trend, relationships among variables and comparison between the groups under study. Finally, the discussions of the implications are usually difficult to explain and hence give a motive of working with the help of quantitative methods.  However, the difficulties that come along with the subject area of quantitative analysis and methods. The techniques used in the quantitative analysis are difficult to work on and are quite technical in times when carrying out the study.

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