Qualities Of A Good Politician (Essay Sample)

Politics have been considered by some to be one of the oldest with dirtiest reputation field of job, not because of literal dirt or stain that involve in their work but due the process and the system inside the politics which involves many corruption. But all hope is not yet faded, there are still politicians and aspiring ones that possess good qualities that may be able to help their communities to improve for the better and here are some of those qualities.

While it is true that no person was, is or even in the future will be perfect it wouldn’t mean that no one is suitable to be a politician. There are certain traits and personalities that suits well in different jobs, and for being a politician it follows the good qualities in order to create a good politician. One of the best qualities found in a good politician is the person who ‘walk the talk’ kind of attitude. This kind of attitude shows a big portion of a politician on how he deals on many thing as an individual, because when a person before he gets the seat of his desired position most of the time he would give many good promises about him giving priorities on the poor and their concerns about education, health and financial issues. Which in later part, when he won it would turn out that his or her words are just false promises and nothing but lie that would make many people be disappointed towards that certain individual. A politician whom embodies the ‘walk the talk’ attitude is a remarkably good politician and will always be remembered by his citizens. Another trait to consider a politician to be a good politician, is having concern on main concerns of his people. It is true that we cannot solve every problem all at once, but the politicians are encourage to give attention on main things that his people are asking off, like giving fair attention to poor, misfortune and all people in different social level. They study and approve bills that will deem suitable for their education system which aims to boost the learning capabilities of their youth that would equip them proper knowledge and good training. In terms of health, they would give priority to elderly, infant and pregnant in passing bills. Also, for the policies of taxes, they would verify and organized distribute the budget making the most out of it in order to have a high increase in return of investment. With it comes to crime fighting ordinances, a good politician would put up a proper justice system giving the opportunity for both the offended and offending side a fair trial in order to have proper and just judgement.  There are circumstances that we can only apply short term solution as immediate solution but it is still the duty of politicians to create bills and implement them. In extreme cases, politicians is expected to call the answer of helping their countrymen whenever on despair and desperate position without having any agenda. Examples of these scenarios are during calamities brought by earthquake, flash floods, volcanic eruption, terrorism threat and others that can be lined up to these. It is important for good politicians to grab every opportunity to help this people, but he or she must do it without any hidden agenda like expecting a good fame or a kickback of expenses.

Over all, it may seem good to be true to have such kind of leaders around us but if we start the change we want within ourselves definitely there will come a time that a good, respectable and passionate leader shall arise on the dire situation of mankind.

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