Pros And Cons Of Racism (Essay Sample)

Racism is a term and belief that is so much common  among the  people of the current generation. It is believed that in one way or the other, racism lies deeply in the beliefs of everyone. Every man was born or created with similar characteristics. This is to mean that each individual has his or her own sets of belief systems, which might or might not be in sync with what others believe. Rubbing of thoughts and feelings is harmful to our health. Who said being a racist is wrong? We should not ignore our racism thoughts. Racism is a neutral thing that is part of us. In today’s society color really matters, whether you are a racist or not. We need to come to terms with the fact.

Racism is discrimination based on ones skin color. Some people consider the whites to be the superior race and the black as the weaker one. Superiority can not be measured by the skin color. Racism is wrong because it has caused a lot of evil. Some people have lost their jobs and some even freedom of movement. Racism affects our economy too. We all belong to the human race. The different so called “race” does not really exist scientifically. There is no race which is superior than the other its just that some skin colour best suits the climate of a particle place.

Blacks have different physical characteristics, there skin can resist sun rays this makes them perform better than whites in the hot regions. Whites don’t have any feature that make them better suited to cold climates, so you could argue that black is the best skin color. Blacks can live in the Northern pole with ease. Whites have to wear sunblock to go to south pole.  Racism generalization is also not ok. Two black people are not the same unless they are twins same applies to the whites.

Racism is purely a biased theory that has  has led to a lot of evil in the society today. Slave trade that was from Africa to America is all because of racism. This cause a lot of suffering, people we separated from their families and used as workers to benefit the whites.  The genocide of the Native Americans is down to racism. The Ku Klux Klan murders are effects of racism. Many immigrants today suffer discrimination in various countries all this is because of racism. Racism is bad because it makes the racist think he has all rights on members of the other “races”. In doing so, not only does he commit awful crimes, but he thinks himself as superior unlike the other race.

Racism is also good in a way. In that we can take an entire cultural group that has been discriminated because of their race and rule them so that we can benefit from them. It is an easy way of ordering the world that serves those who have been socially colored to rule it. Despite this truth no one should take advantage of any race. A nice tree produces good fruits while a bad tree produces bad fruits, having tested the fruits of racism what impact do we have in the society?

Additionally, racism provides some privileges for the victims. For example, there are numerous instances whereby minority or racially discriminated groups are given some form of advantage, through apportionment of special privileges.  There is some fraction that is usually given to the people who suffer racial discrimination, as opposed to other groups. Finally, it also gives the racially abused, the chance to be responsible, in the sense that they know what they are up against, and what their people need.

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