Pros And Cons Of Community Service (Essay Sample)

Pros and Cons of Community Service

Giving back to the community is one of the most brilliant ideas to develop the society. The community services are often tailored towards a specific broader objective of the community wellbeing. Picking up trash and clearing services are some of the activities meant to promote the surrounding hygiene and sanitation. In some cases, graduates are encouraged to participate in mass voter registration education, civic education and HIV/ AIDS sanitization. However, everything with a brighter side must also portray the worst side. Despite the economic significance of community services, the constraint relating to community service participation is adequately significant to understand. The participants should understand the two antagonizing sides of community services, the pros, and cons.

Pros of community services

Community services are unpaid volunteering services delivered to assist the society. However, emotional rewards are the most significant advantages of participating in the community services. Volunteering provides the young professional with the perfect opportunity to exercise their skills to develop the society. They reap emotional rewards and relevancy in the society. Community services enable the society to perceive their young intellectual professional as a useful workforce to stimulate the growth of the society. Meanwhile, the participants are rewarded with utmost respects about their profession.

The second advantages of community services are related to health benefits. Obesity and overweight individuals who participate in community services during weekends have better metabolism and weight management control. Volunteering in cleaning the community is part of a physical exercise to the body which enables people with sedentary life to burn excess calories in their body. Moreover, the participation brings people from diverse backgrounds to share their views and feelings thus help to reduce stress and blood pressure for hypertensive patients.

The other benefits community services are career development and growth. Through volunteering programs, good talents are noted and natured through vocational training. The majority of the participants are pleasantly surprised with their hidden skills and talents. However, fresh graduates in various disciplines are tasked with practical challenges to demonstrate their skills and professionalism. Through consistent participation in the community services, they nurture their career and become more experts. They also meet practical challenges in their career which they learned from the classroom. Such challenges harden them off for future survival.

Cons of community services

Immense frustration from the community is one of the greatest constraints of community services. Despite the facts participants are not given any incentives, they expect the society to treat them with utmost dignity and respect. However, there is a stereotype that the volunteers are jobless and worthless people in the society. The society little recognizes the immense commitment, passion, and dedication they portray to their duties. In some occasions, the participants are exclusively frustrated when their efforts go unappreciated. Only a handful of society members are committed to support and encourage them to deliver more services to the community.

The other constraint to community services is the time commitment. Organizing community services activities is a gradual but tactful process that requires the time commitment. These processes involve planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of the service. This comprehensive process requires extensive time commitments. Passionate commitment to community services is associated with scheduling problems, leaving the participants with restricted time for family obligation duties. The organizers may also resign from their employment and focus on the community services activities with little return. Such drastic decision prompts family feuds and disagreement which may threaten the unity of the family. In conclusion, community services participation is a two-sided coin with pros and cons. Careful balancing of the sides is essential for the successful accomplishment of the responsibilities involved in the community services.

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