Prompts for Descriptive Essay

The descriptive essay discloses the power of language, the human senses in order to bring the subject alive for the readers. You should create a mental picture for the reader.

What is a descriptive essay?

The purpose of using descriptive essay is to create a colorful picture of things that are around us. If narrative essay displays the meaning through a personal story or narration, the goal of writing a descriptive essay is to express the meaning of the subject through detailed, sensory, visual observation. Descriptive essay gives readers a feeling that there are an emotional connection and a high grade for the subject’s concern.

The Main Steps for Writing Process for Descriptive Essays

Professional writers know good writing is time consuming. Following of these successive steps of the writing process helps you very much. Here are descriptive essay writing prompts for the successful writing process:

1. Pre-writing

In the pre-writing stage students should have time to think about the subject or object of description and because they are writing about it. The topic shouldn’t be famous or unusual. For example, a person could be a mother, the object, a favorite book, and the place, a fountain in the garden.

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When a topic is chosen, students should think about the qualities that they want to describe in their essay. Emphasize the details connected with the topic. Pay attention not only to the place but speculate on the surroundings. Think about not just physical characteristics, but also about feelings, memories, the subject calls up. Use your memory and emotions, as they play a significant role in expressing the subject’s importance.  Do not forget about the outline and put all the details into a logical sequence.

2. Drafting

When you create the draft of your essay, you should follow the outline. Remember that your objective is to give the reader a wide experience of the subject. Remember, that the most important motto of writing a descriptive essay is to show what you can see, but not to tell. One of the best things to show is to include the senses of hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting. Write in such a manner as you can see the sunset, smell the flowers, see a beautiful bird. Try not to tell, but show! Do not avoid descriptive and figurative language. Use concrete images to describe things, similes, and metaphors.

3. Revising

In the revision stage, you review, reorganize and change their essays with the purpose of making it the best. In revising your descriptive essay you should reread it and then try to answer the following questions in your mind:

  • Does the essay uncover the description in a way that helps readers fully estimate the subject?
  • Do the word choice and descriptive language involve the senses, show emotions and express the meaning?
  • Are there enough details to show the reader a complete picture?
  • If there is a connection between the description and its meaning?
  • Are your paragraphs ordered in the most efficient way?

A descriptive essay should have precise details. You must go from general-to-specific.

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4. Editing

Writing descriptive essays, writers shouldn’t forget about proofreading and correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Pay attention to the style and definiteness. Be careful with clichés. Don’t overload your essay with adjectives and adverbs.  Ask your friend to read your essay. It will help you to see your weak points and edit something if there is a need.

5. Writing conclusion.

Your conclusion should summarize all the information you have written in your descriptive essay. Try to write a good conclusion at the end of your descriptive essay. This is the last paragraph the reader will read, and will keep in his or her mind for a long time.

6. Publishing

Performing your descriptive essay in the class can be both emotive and scary. Don’t be scared! Always try to keep in mind your pros and cons. Take any positive or negative feedback in order to make your next essay the better.

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