Problems Of Common Man (Speech Sample)

Problems Of Common Man

They say that problem is a part of life. While we are alive we will always be faced with challenges. Some people may have fewer while others have too many. Either way, the average person always has problems in different aspects in his life whether in health, career, family, relationships, education, and many others. Every person has different approach to problems. Some dwell so much in it that becomes so magnified and constantly carried. Others harmonize with it or are more stoic and therefore are less affected and look at his dilemmas objectively. Some people get on their problems face to face while others look away from it. There are times that a common man courageously overcomes his problems while there are also moments when he runs away from it.

What are the problems of the common man? Among the most common problems of the average middle class individual is money problems. Working people may just have enough to get by or mostly they are not able to make ends meet. The society and the economy tries to remedy it with credit cards and loans, sales, and other opportunities that allow the common man to continue to purchase things, eat, or go out even when the cash he earned has ran out. Credits and loans bridges the gap between pay days. Along this financial problem is that the common man cannot afford to chase his dreams. If he wanted to visit Hawaii or to travel or to own his dream car or home perhaps he has to wait until his retirement where he can receive a bigger amount of money. Also relevant problem to this is quality education. The common man cannot easily opt for a high quality of education for himself or his children because it costs more than he is paid for. Fourthly, health and medical issues  is a problem to the common man. Unless he has a medical program or health benefits from the company he works for he is fine. But to many other individuals even going to the doctor for symptoms he cannot consider life threatening yet is a luxury. Unlike the few percent of rich people who can get diagnosed right away and fly to where their cure is, the common man has to stick to free consultations or they have to spend a lot if they do ask a prescription from medical professionals. The common man is stuck in the middle. Perhaps the core problem of being a common man is that he is in a somewhat permanent situation. His parents had been common people and so they have only provide him the common education and opportunities. Consequently he grew into a common adult, which he can also only afford the common things for his children, and goes on the cycle. Unless the common does something really out of the ordinary then maybe he can get himself out of the neverending loop. But the rich likes the common men to be where they are, because they are useful consumers to the products and services that they sell, and are contributing workers to the growth of the business empires they own.

The common man has a lot of common problems but unless he deals with it in an uncommon way then perhaps he will yield uncommon results.

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