Pride Has A Fall (Essay Sample)

Pride here refers to manifest too high an opinion of oneself, one’s possession, and position. Pride causes a person to think that one is snobbish to others. One’s accomplishments in life are due to hard work and one’s pain. But one should never be proud of achievements in life. Whenever pride starts to manifest, there begins one’s misfortunes. A proud person will have little concern for others and regard others with contempt. One who has pride will ultimately stand defeat or encounter with a disgraceful end. When a proud person encounters with a terrible end, other people will have no concern for him. History is full of cases of influential people who came to downfall because of the proud personality.  This essay strives to describe pride and few cases of pride and how the subjects met their downfall.

Cases of pride followed influential monarchs who came to downfall because of their proud personality. King John of England encountered his disgraceful end because of his overbearing and proud personality. The arrogance of Russian Czars and French emperors caused their downfall. Hitler an influential ruler was proud of his influence and power. This wrong pride of his power demonstrated finally to be the source of his death and downfall. The British as well were proud of their influence and power and took control over India. The British used to state with pride that “The sun on no occasion sets on the British empire.” One would ask, where is that pride now? The British vacated India with all their belongings. They had to acknowledge India as an independent republic just like every nation they colonized.

Another case of pride follows a man who lived a rich business man. This man was too proud of his wealth that he used to mistreat the poor. While replacing his bed sheet, he lay down on his warm bed to see how it perceived to sleep in a cozy bed. He felt comfortable that he rested there soundly. One day the rich man happened to come in his bed room only to find his servant sleeping on his bed with dirty clothes. The rich man woke his servant up and said to him with fury, “How dare you wretch sleep in my cozy bed!” the rich man then got him whipped black and blue and later fired him. As downfall may have it, one day fire started in his shop destroyed everything. Another day an earthquake destroyed his mansion and slaying his sons and wife and returning him a disable man. A crippled man and a pauper, as he was returned, he started to beg for charity to support himself. One day the servant whom he gave grave whippings saw him beseeching in the street. He took him to his home and said to him politely, “sir, you do not need to beseech in the street. Hence I shall look after you as you had once been my keeper. The business man was much remorseful that he could not even start to thank his supporter.

In conclusion, pride goes before a fall. People on no occasion have any affection for anyone who is overbearing, over confident, and proud. It is preferable to humble oneself than to have supremacy aggregation. Habitual pride not only cause downfall but also makes you appear foolish. Proud people only notice this when they meet a serious situation in one’s life and the incident happens to teach them a dear lesson.

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