Pop Music (Essay Sample)

Pop Music

Pop music is always around us. From the term itself, “pop” as in popular. These are the songs we hear daily, wherever they go. These are the ones that reach the top charts. Yet aside from the technical definition of being popular, the term pop is already considered as a quality of music. You can hear some people say “that song sounds so pop” which means that the song has a quality to it that may be upbeat or fun.

Pop music, whether people listen to it indirectly or not, is always on our minds. These are the tunes that we usually carry in our head that keep on playing even it was already hours after hearing it on the radio. The thing about pop music is the people who sing it. In the entertainment world, we have artists that are known to be icons of pop. Their images are the first one we imagine when we think of pop music. These personalities are of course branded to be easy on both the eyes and the ears. There are some icons who maintain their identities throughout many decades and some are just one hit wonders that we continue to involuntarily sing to every day.

Popular music is a part of popular culture. Popular culture is built on the interests of the people that is also linked on how it becomes a source of profit. Pop icons are known to be the richest in the industry because of how they focus on appearing on mainstream media. The quality of their music is easily appreciated by all which is why their album sales are always on the rise. At the end of the day, these pop icons are icons we always remember because pop music has the sense of being memorable.

The thing that is easy to notice is the themes that pop songs carry. The songs are diverse at best but some may have content that stand out among the rest. Love songs become easily famous because of the well thought lyrics and gentle melody. Some songs by boy bands get so famous because of the boy bands themselves. The band becomes an instrument in selling their own music and craft. People build great fan bases that become a space where people with the same interests meet. There are those who are called fan boys and fan girls that dedicate a big chunk of their lives in knowing the lives of those that they idolize. For every famous icon, there is a fan base that also serves as a support group for that artist. Aside from this, there are also pop songs that become controversial. It is because of the content or the image of the artist itself. There was a time that a song sparked outrage from the community. Apparently, the song was talking about non-consent among relationships and even the artist was no apologetic for it. One thing that is easy to remember in the pop music industry is that the artist and his work cannot be easily separated. The artist is a performer which is why he would always be subject to scrutiny.

All in all, popular music is not a bad thing. Despite it not being a cup of tea for everyone, the attention that is focused on it is undeniable. Pop music traverses all genres and forms of music as well as media. It is also translated in film and other things that we witness day by day. As artists continue to perform, pop music would always have its image that tries to be both pleasing and flashy in order to be easily remembered by all.a

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