Politics Today (Essay Sample)

American Politics Today

The American politics today are being fueled and driven by two sides, the Democratic side and the Republican side. The Republican side has this feeling of discontent that a certain number of Americans are being left out on the changing dynamic of the country. The feeling could be due to the fact that America is too politically correct. This could also be due to the fact that the middle working class feels like they are being excluded from the American Dream. There is also this number of the Republicans who want to escape their personal problem by imposing the current immigration policies on the immigrants who are unauthorized.

On the other hand, the Democratic side feels like they cannot succeed due to the current outlook for the economy in America. The systems of the economy are not stable enough to support the success of the people. This feeling of economically disenfranchised can be best highlighted by the notion that political system is failing its citizens because of money.

The issue of Populism has been rising dangerously. People feel that they are being left behind by the changing technology, the growing levels of inequality and the changing global economy. This is because the populists’ appeal is rising with growing discontent of the public beyond the status quo.

Terrorism incidences have generated fear and apprehension in people. There are people who are getting worried about the increasing diversity in societies regarding ethnic groups, religion, and racial groups. This discontent has given birth to certain politicians who have flourished and gotten power by trying to protect the terrorist suspect by portraying rights. They do this at the expense of the presumed majority’s safety, cultural preferences, and economic welfare. They impose this on the refugees, the minorities and the immigrants among others as a scapegoat. Due to this, Racism, Nativism, Islamophobia and Xenophobia have taken over and are rising rapidly.

With the growing and spreading of populism worldwide, democracy is at stake. The Democratic side has got to worry. The takeover of populists is associated with dictatorship personalists and democratic institutions dismantling.  Trump’s Victory has dismantled all the democratic institutions and removed all the elites from power. During his campaigns, he stressed on strict immigration policies that will restrict the flow of goods and people in the United States. This will definitely boost the domestic business in the United States. The government and business are forming cohorts. Due to the government expenditure on the national defense and infrastructure together with tax rates cut, the economy will enjoy a stimulus. The customer confidence will be driven as a result, and the economy will be boosted higher.

Analyzing the changes in the modern politics, fake news has been on the rise. The political news that lack clarity is fake or is questionable has been one of the greatest problems in the society. The result has been chaos created in the mind of the ordinary people. It is also amazing how terrific the fake reports or news spread to the ordinary people. As much as the government may clarify that the news is false, the ordinary people may still stick to it especially in the cases where the country experiences a common problem that the false report is addressing. There are changes that have taken place in the modern politics; some are good some are not.

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