Playtime Is Over (Essay Sample)

When you think about music that has fast-paced beat, crazy rhythms, and with a dubbing sound, you will always think of “Playtime is over”. This song is made by Nicki Minaj, which is an iconic pop star icon that is responsible for creating a sound that generates an excitement for those who are listening to the song. The pop song is representing how our society is adapting a new form of musical genre that is produced by artists that conveys liberal arts in their talents. As a result, the complexity of musical presentation engages an aspect of developing a new way of delivering a trending pop presentation that the society loves to hear. This is the modern culture that represents the modern society in terms of musical presentation.

With regard to the musical perse, understanding the lyrical presentation provides an insight on how the rapper addresses concerns that relates to their personal and professional issues. The lyrics talk about personal issues relating that your significant other should not be playing games with you because there are consequences that are expected to happen. The seriousness of a relationship should not be disregarded because it might cause an offensive remark to the victim. This is usually a situation wherein a person’s interest fails to maintain a decent relationship when one is not serious on committing a new relationship to fulfill the interest between two individuals. If a person indicates that a playtime is over, this means that the relationship is terminated between the two. This signifies that you are now free to seek for another person whom you will reapply your games such as hurting other individual’s feelings.

One major issue associated with the presentation of the art is the fast dubbing style that is a distinct character for a certain music that has been essential to portray a scenario. Rapping presents a very fast dubbing technique to allow more words that can be incorporated with the song. The melody generated an electronic or techno sound to fulfill the fast motion beat of the music so that it consistently fills up the style of the musical performance. One distinct sound is the dubbing, which makes the rapping sound familiar and different from other pop songs that are presented in the media. The artist use the dramatic lyrics in order to encapsulate the essentials of the musical tone, which gives meaning to the whole play of the story that, are presented in the song.

There is a learning insight that can be taken from the musical composition.

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