Philosophy Of Man (Essay Sample)

Philosophy of Man

Among the most intelligent of all known species, man has always had his story. Developing from simple ways of life and thinking, to complex and more advanced systems that are being seen today, human beings will, and have always been intriguing. Perhaps the greatest asset for man is his ability to have some set terms of engagement, or simply, personal values. No other animal has such an elaborate and advanced set of values, as that observed in man. The wonder of creation itself is what tries to explain man, and hence, ultimate reality as people might know it. It is such, which determine the philosophy of man.

Philosophy of man describes the study of man and his views in life which is divided into various branches, for instance, metaphysics, ethics and natural philosophy. God gifted man free will and mind which seeks to know the reality and all truths. It is also a man’s desire to have infinite happiness and satisfaction. The human needs, therefore, tend to be dynamic and unlimited. Every man’s curiosity and desire for reality uplift from one generation to another. The human mind is very eager to understand and seek higher truth. It is in the human nature to keep on searching, exploring, with the aim of discovery as well as self-satisfaction.

Philosophy, being a springboard for discovery and investigation of the higher truth, helps feed the human mind with the knowledge that gives man satisfaction and happiness. Philosophy of man captures various chapters that relate to a man, for instance, the man, nature, natural laws, and theology. Human beings have vast things to unravel about themselves, and through the philosophy of man, one can gain deeper knowledge regarding humanity and the situations around them.

Man seeks to venture and explore limitless realms of higher truth and reality with efforts to get more profound truths. Philosophy of man, therefore, tend to be boundless as it entails both reality and more than just that reality in life. Philosophy, therefore, fails to have a definite meaning and can transport individuals to the mystery world of mind and spirit. Man and ethics, on the other hand, expose people to false theories that define various morality norms. Through the philosophy of man, an individual can understand the significance of the man who is God’s greatest creation.

Philosophy of man allows individuals understand how various things happen without necessarily the awareness on how to make it happen. Philosophy of man can, therefore, be described as the primary key to self-exploration and determination. There are indeed some mysteries that man has for so long been unable to get answers to. For example, death. While it can be taken simply as the departure of the soul from the body, death goes deeper than that.  A lot of questions go unanswered, as to why people die, and how they feel in death. Well, such questions might never be answered, since there is no one who has experienced death and lived to tell the story. It has not yet been proven so.

The above is however, just a bit of what is entailed in the philosophy of man. A man is a rational being. This rationality is what usually gives man the determination to be autonomous, independent and decisive. With the unanswered mysteries, quest for ultimate satisfaction and happiness, as well as the unending desire to know more, the body that builds the philosophy of man will only continue to grow.

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