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The primary goal of this website is to provide as much knowledge about guidelines and rules of academic essay writing. This article focuses on providing the basic academic writing guide and persuasive essay example. persuasive-essay-examples

Every student can get a task to write a persuasive essay on the topic he chooses on his own. Persuasive essay is a type of the essay that has an aim to convince readers  on  specific idea. You can  write your persuasive essay based on your own opinion.

Below you can find some tips on how to write a persuasive essay:

  1. Give yourself enough of time for essay writing task. Take enough time to craft the main argument  for your essay. Pay as much attention to writing convincing thesis statement in the essay introduction. Rush will only make the situation worse that’s why use time to brainstorm and express your ideas. Do your best to write a good essay in the given period of time.
  2. Before starting writing, you should come with a solid foundation on which your entire paper will be based.
  3. Focus on the idea you really believe in. If you choose the topic that doesn’t interest you, it would be quiet hard to write a strong argument. The topic of the persuasive essay should be something you feel passionate about.
  4. The chosen topic should be complex or deep enough at the same time.
  5. Consider opposing opinions while you write the main body of your essay. Your topic should be controversial enough to fit persuasive essay perfectly.

Below you can find an example of good persuasive essay. Use it as  an example for you to have an idea how to write properly academic paper such as persuasive essay. persuasive-essay-examples

Help Graduate Students Avoid Financial Breakdown

Every year thousands of graduates pack their luggage and start a new life  full of hopes. Aside from having wonderful and inspiring dreams, students have student loans that they may never have a chance to pay back. In several months many of these graduates start having financial difficulties, and they struggle to understand where their money has gone or been invested. Most of them do not understand that the main problem lies in the absence of proper budget and their inability to  write and follow a personal financial plan. The best solution to avoid this problem is to conduct a personal finance class for college and university graduates.

Personal finance course would be a great addition for those who take student loans  to cover their educational costs. It will help students plan their finance so that their loans will be totally refunded by the end of their education. It will teach how to manage the debt effectively. They will learn how to reduce the debt and how to save money  without having to sacrifice their personal lives. As an example, we can present a statistics which says that an average student carries out a debt of about $20,000 spread to multiple lenders. Upon graduation, students don’t usually know the exact sum of money they owe to the bank and they start their adult life with the huge debt. That is why many students spend a big part of their life paying off  their education and student years. Personal finance course will urge  students to be cautious and help them avoid this widespread mistake.

For those who decide to work  after finishing the high school, personal finance course will provide insight on how to manage the money. The finance course will save graduates from making poor decisions, prevent from accrue credit card debts or making expensive purchases without normal plan of how to pay them back. Finance course will help students to understand all possible consequences of credit card debts and student loan debts, teaching them how to  avoid the common financial problems.

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