Perseverance Is Key To Success (Essay Sample)

Perseverance is the Key to Success

Whenever it comes to success, people think of hard works, determination and continuous struggle. Yes, perseverance means the constant or persistence dedication of efforts, time and mind in doing some activity irrespective of difficulties and delays in achieving the ultimate goal or success. It is usually an attitude that a person develops an idea, rule, or discipline in achieving something of greater importance without giving in to difficulties, obstructions or failures that come on the way. Indeed successful people in the society have the quality of perseverance which makes them assume impossible activities to be possible. In the examination of the ecosystem, survival of the fittest also relates to the perseverance mechanism. Thus, perseverance is a virtue that only exists among the strong and determined people. Perseverance in academics makes students perform excellently and succeed in their studies. The virtue requires the discipline of the body and the mind, making efforts, making self-sacrifice and self-restraints amidst the constant hardships, and misfortunes.

Students prefer perseverance in their college studies since it is the only way of improving their performance. In most cases, these students face challenges such as time constraints, relationships, academic challenges, financial problems, emotional problems and communication barriers. However, they usually remain determined to achieve excellence in the academic fields. As these students pass these challenges one by one, they feel motivated and develop positive thinking that such hurdles can be passed. This struggle together with patience helps them develop new ways of solving the issues to succeed. For example, the matter regarding academic challenges, students seeks assistance from tutors for help. Besides, other students with financial problems apply for part time jobs while others with research problems delve in research materials and resource to have better means of achieving their ultimate goals. Such determination and perseverance need focus on the particular problem instead of facing all the junks of problems at once.

On a separate note, perseverance leads to achieving high status in the community. In most cases, students normally have experience beyond their academic disciplines and engage in community work.  Assisting in different communal activities around schools is a form of success that comes through struggle. However, some students usually give up or feel frustrated when looking for the relevant groups, clubs or associations that they might use as an avenue to achieve a given objective. These students within a short time develop a negative attitude and feel isolated which results to negativity amongst them and others. In the long run, they give up and drop out of schools or have less experience in life and low social interactions. On the contrary, those who consistently engage in community and associations build their social supports and connections that play a major role in their future success at work or other areas. Therefore, perseverance in all these aspects of college life results to best experiences in academics, community involvement, socially hence they become all rounded students.

I normally differ with people who equate success with intelligence. To support the assumption, intelligent people who are an even genius but are reluctant, lethargic and have sedentary lives do not prosper in life. These people are not able to use their ideas, skills or even labour in the right way. Instead, they use little efforts, and since their ideas are kept in close with nobody to scrutinize, they end up failing. Furthermore, these people give up easily due to lack of perseverance. On the other hand, take an individual who is not highly talented or knowledgeable, but such a person believes that his hard work will make him succeed. Putting all his efforts into action and persisting in all his ideas bear fruit irrespective of the longer time it takes to achieve the objective.

In conclusion, all aspects of life require perseverance. People can learn different skills, people can have the knowledge and the will to work, but without perseverance, they end up failing to achieve their ultimate goals in life. This long journey is achieved by overcoming failures, oppositions, hurdles and laziness among others. Therefore, with one’s determination and perseverance, everything is achievable.

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