Period Of Self Discovery (Essay Sample)

Period of Self Discovery

Nowadays, the increased pace of conscious evolution of the planet has forced people to discover aspects about themselves that they have to face in order to discover their true self. Discovering oneself is a very rewarding thing as it gives one the opportunity to live life to the fullest by realizing the true potentials that lie within. If one discovers oneself, then he or she can truly do what he or she desires and knowing oneself grants us the courage to put forth action without the fear of ostracization from the society as we know that what we do is what we love. A period of Self-discovery is mandatory for every human being as it is an innate characteristic of humans to seek for the definition and meaning of their lives.

The period of Self Discovery is usually induced by a time being where one experiences the harsh realities of life. It is knowing that life can be pretty much painful and it can give us uncomfortable feelings and reaction. The manifestation of our problems comes from a deeper purpose of the universe to educate us about our life journeys. Sometimes, the suffering is present in our lives in order to point to us what we need to tackle and put effort on. The depressing times makes us want to seek the deeper aspect and truth of life. We tend to drop our pre-conceived definition of the world that we inherited from the people around us, and then we go deeper within in searching the essence of our lives. We focus inward and discover the innate potentials and talents and that these resources are what would give the essence for our self-discovery.

Self-discovery is about discovering love that rests in each of us, that we are whole and capable of passionate and intimate things. Through the period of self-discovery, we are able to gain the essential knowledge that we need in order to recreate our reality, one which is conducive to the inner thoughts and the inspiration that magnetizes itself toward physical manifestation. This time can include long hours of learning which might involve watching videos on YouTube, reading books, talking to people etc.

Basically, self-discovery is rediscovering the gifts of the present moment. We can never find ourselves if we always look to our external experiences in order to get the affirmation of our personalities. It’s about realizing the power of the self to stay in the present moment and have the freedom to decide whatever you want to do. The period of self-discovery is learning how to channel our energies toward a higher purpose. We can only discover ourselves if we act from the present moment and express our own truths through our action and we can always pour our intellectual and emotional energies toward creating a world that has humor and art. If more and more people will discover themselves, then the world can become a kinder, friendlier, and more colorful world through the appreciation of the people of their truest selves. Being true to oneself is being able to express freedom through harmony and unity with others. The period of self-discovery can be challenging, and yet, it is the most fulfilling “work” to do. This work is a lifetime work as we never truly know ourselves if we stop learning. Life is a continuous and never-ending process of acquiring more knowledge and experiences in order for our souls to create a life well-lived. In the end, the truest self is the one that controls the body. It is the spirit that is unquenchable and connected to the primordial source. That is what eventually, every human on the path of self-discovery will discover.

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