Peace And Brotherhood (Essay Sample)

Peace and Brotherhood

“Brotherhood” is a term that has been interpreted in various ways. Similarly, it is associated with different groups, each having its own interpretation of the term’s meaning. Brotherhood is a key element in global peace, as people who view others as brothers will unlikely cause harm to them. Every member of the society would want to relate well with other people. However, as this paper argues, part of the reason why peace has become elusive in the current world is the increased misuse of the term “brotherhood.”

While a brother is not only a biological relative to someone in the sense of sharing a father or a mother, brotherhood in current days means an association between people who might not be biologically related but who share a common purpose and objective.  A brother is someone who can and will stand by you at all times, regardless of the situation. He will be there encouraging you to do good things and to pursue justice, not vengeance, for the betterment of the world. Peace and brotherhood, in this regard, are inseparable.

Peace is a critical element in the well-being and development of any nation. Without peace, the human race is endangered. In the current world, terrorism has emerged as the greatest threat to global peace and the sense of “brotherhood” that exists between businesses, religions, governments, and in various societal circles. The 9/11 attack in 2001 helped the world to know more about the new form of “brotherhood.” The term is commonly associated with such terror organizations as Al Qaeda, Al Shabab in East Africa, and ISIS in the Middle East, Mujahidin, Hezbollah, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and other groups with similar objectives. Such organizations have led to the transformation of the essence of the term, from one associated with peace and love for fellow human beings to one of tyranny and the conquering of peace.

Furthermore, gangs have mistakenly taken over the term “brotherhood” and misused it. The sense of fellowship, loyalty to one another, and a common objective pursued by gangs has seen the number of gangs rise in various regions in the United States. Their objective is not peace but war, terrorism, and domination of citizens. The Muslim Brotherhood party in Egypt has gone far in identifying themselves with the term. The party, which began as a group of Muslims keen to ensure the Egyptian government recognizes and adopts Islamic “sharia” or law in all government offices and operations, went to the extent of terrorizing citizens and overseeing the overthrow of several presidents within a short period of time, since 2011.  It is a group whose members, presently, serve their own agendas and not that of the larger Egyptian society. The term “brotherhood” has lost meaning in such a context.

Islam has been in the frontline as the religion whose followers have compromised global peace. Most of the terrorists in the current world identify themselves with Islam, and claim that Allah wants Muslims to fight a holy war called Jihad, which involves killing of innocent people. If indeed brotherhood means that people collaborate to ensure mass murder and terrorism succeeds, then brotherhood is a misinterpreted and misused term. Christian and Hindu followers might not necessarily call each other “brothers” but their religions are neither violent nor a threat to global peace, as Islam is.

Ordinarily, people are social beings who need to treat each other with respect. They are supposed to foster love and peace for the betterment of the human race. However, the increase in the number of terrorist groups who are identifying members as “brothers” poses a threat to global peace and well-being.

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