Othello Is A Great Leader (Essay Sample)

Othello is a fictional character in Shakespeare book who reflects a lot of qualities that a leader should have. Although the story does not have a good ending, it’s amazing how the malicious Iago calls Othello to his bed. Therefore, this paper will discuss the various ways and scenes that proof Othello to be a great leader.

Othello is a great leader because he is displayed as a confidence person. Confidence is one of the traits of a great leader because it helps them in making decisions and commanding the people that they lead. Othello is just a minority in that society but he is being needed by the government due to his special talent. Therefore, the success and respect that he obtained from other people reveal that he was very confident because he would not have achieved them if he lacked confidence.

As well, Othello’s ability to be a great leader is reflected in the fact he has good oral skills. In most scenes of the novel, Othello communicates well with the people he is dealing with. A good example is a manner in which he composed himself and responded to Brabantio insult while in the presence of Duke. This represented a good choice of words in a situation whereby a person has been offended by another. In the world of leadership, it is important for a person to be flexible so that they can handle any situation intelligently. As a result, this enables them to be a great leader just like Othello.

In addition, Othello displayed the ability to do a logical thinking even in any tough situation. This is an important trait especially when it comes to political leaders. The trait enables leaders to handle any situation that comes their way in a manner that is fair to the parties involved hence ensuring peace and unity. In the novel, Othello displays logical thinking in many cases such as the maintenance of a composed feeling when giving a speech in any given situation. Otherwise, he would not be able to give a good speech if he was in tension regarding the situation at hand.

Othello proved to be a great leader by showing respect to other people. Respect is an important trait to any given leader because the aftermath is getting respect from other people as well. Othello showed respect by recognizing the senators who were present whenever he wanted to give a speech. Apart from showing respect to the people above him in terms of power, he also showed respect to the minorities when dealing with them especially in the case whereby he was insulted by Brassinto. He tried his best to remain calm just like a leader should do in order to display respect.

Concisely, leadership is a complex situation which is characterized by the special traits that individuals possess. Not everyone can qualify to be a leader and therefore, a person has to evaluate some of the characteristics such as being able to think logically, having good oral skills and being confident before they can decide to become a leader. Othello qualified to be a great leader because he possesses these characteristics which made it easy for him to deal with the different challenges that he came across as a leader. The fact that he successfully dealt with such situations, then it is possible to conclude that his character is an example of a great leader. As well, Othello can be an allegory because leaders ought to possess such characters in order to lead people well and avoid situations whereby they cause chaos to other people.

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