Origin And Development Of Advertising (Essay Sample)


Since the beginning of time, advertising has been an important practice of humanity when they are going to promote a product. Advertising is a form of a business-related activity because it allows individuals to increase the popularity of the product, service, or a certain individual. Each day, we encounter different kinds of advertisements at all corners of our room as well as outdoors. This means that advertisement is a serious activity promoted by companies who want to show their brand as well as their quality to the public. As a person, we consider ourselves to be the recipients of advertisements because we are considered by companies as their target markets, which help process new information that can drive their sales and investments.

Advertising is a form of a business promotional structure that improves the visibility of a product or service. As for the origin, advertisement started when the civilization of humankind began. This was through the word of mouth when one person talks about a product that has been a helpful way of improving their lifestyle. Their stories engage a promotional activity to other individuals, enticing others to try the product to similarly experience its effects or benefits. When civilizations became complex, advertisements became a serious business strategy by merchants from the ancient era to promote their product or service. Merchants from around the world use advertising strategies as a way to improve the exposure of their product to their target markets. As a result, more individuals became interested in trying the product to promote their convenience such as sustaining their basic needs after using the product on a regular basis.

The development of advertising became complex during the medieval times. The use of arts was integrated while endorsing a product, making it appealing to the public. Companies during this time used paintings and scriptures to promote the products along the streets. When the period of industrialization began in the 1890, machines became a part of advertising issue that has been maneuvering the complexity of the product’s familiarity to the public. In the middle of the 19th century, advertising was then included in mass media. Television networks began to offer advertising clips through the use of video presentation to promote a certain product or service. During the end of the 19th century, computer began to storm households. Advertising companies shifted to online promotion because it seeks to target the shifting pattern of consumers to become familiar with the products and services online.

Advertising today is more aggressive because companies always integrate artistic creativity to ensure that the attention of the public will be engaged. Using graphical artistry is important so that the value of advertisement becomes diverse to the consumers. There are regulations that are now applied to advertisements because it seeks to prevent any presentation that could offend the identity of the consumers. As a result, advertisements that contain racism, violence, abuse, and hate speech are taken down by the local government units to protect the dignity of the consumers. Companies become more competitive when using advertising strategies because they use celebrities to endorse their products. In addition, advertisement use real-life stories to capture the hearts of the audience thereby increasing the popularity of the brand as well as its products being endorsed by mass media (Behal & Sareen, 2014).


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