Organizational Structure (Essay/Paper Sample)

Organizational Structure

One Smooth Stone is a communication and an event agency that their helps clients attain their strategic goals and objectives. At the company, all employees work as a team to achieve the client’s’ needs, which often change with regards to competition, time among other factors. The company’s organization structure is very critical in helping them attain their organizational goals through smooth running of activities. Therefore, it is essential to find out whether the One Smooth Stone is organized by function, location, or customer. By examining and the organizational structure of the company, I would say that the company is organized by function.  While clients and location are significant, the function is what will enable the employees working at the company to make a production. The CEO of One Smooth Stone confirmed that  in over 20 years of doing business, a lot of things have changed when designing and delivering online and live events.  Nonetheless, the CEO stated that despite the many changes that have happened, they still use strong visual storytelling skills that turn events into a breath of life and a theater (One Smooth Stone, 2015).

One Smooth Stone offer quality to its customers in various forms. The philosophy of producing One Smooth stone’s Business Theater can be summarized in three words. These three words include; fast, smart and kind.  The organization strives to embody as it strives to grip people’s business situations as quickly as possible, make an immediate and accurate recommendation and do it with the right attitude. Fundamentally, it is fascinating to understand how One Smooth Stone delivers its quality especially in this contemporary world where every man is for himself and God for us all. The organization has deep roots in ensuring that kindness, respect, and honesty are practiced in every aspect of its day to day operations. In addition, the company also practices integrity, accountability and more importantly, integrity not only when dealing with their clients, but also with any other stakeholders.

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Just like any other small business, One Smooth Stone uses a Horizontal arrangement rather that a vertical arrangement. Essentially, this is for the reason that they tend to have a limited number of employees. In practice, most small business has a small workforce. This means that their management style is also more informal than formal. Besides their small workforce, most of them may not have adequate resources to establish the various structures that may be required to run a large organization (Rishipal, 2014). Various advantages are associated with the Horizontal arrangement. One of the most important benefits that will be realized by One Smooth Stone when using horizontal arrangement is unity and cooperation. Due to the small workforce, most operations and activities that are conducted in the organization tend to be more personal. Accordingly, this increases cooperation which in turn productivity of the organization.

In summary, One Smooth Stone is a function-based company that helps in bringing success to their clients’ events. Moreover, the company uses a horizontal arrangement to run the company, which allows them to keep the business personal.  Apparently, the company is also known for delivering quality products to all their clients. The company has summarized their business philosophy into three words: KIND, FAST and SMART. Therefore, it is plausible to conclude that One Smooth Stone is an excellent company that will help in turning every of their client meeting into a breathtaking event.


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