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In pure mathematics, topology is a branch that is mainly concerned with the study of shapes and nature of landscape. However, in our case, topology is not all about landscape but rather shape of objects. Topology as a field of study was developed out of geometry that is also concerned with the properties and relations of lines, points, and objects however topology ignores issues like angles and sizes. Topology, in this case, is a modern type of geometry that is concerned with the study of properties of space that are preserved through continuous deformation such as twisting, and stretching of objects but not tearing. This was developed through concepts such as transformation, space, and dimension and can be studied by subsets, which satisfy certain properties turning the sets into topological space. Topology is nearly used in all branches of mathematics in one way or another and cosmology.

 Topology is very important in the world of today as a guide in several fields of study. First, topology is necessary for definite spatial functions for example network routing whereby if line features do not share familiar nodes, then a route cannot be established. Second, topology is used in computer science to create data sets with good quality control and greater integrity of data. This is because the rules of topology are made so that corrections made to a dataset can be verified and show error in that dataset. Third, topology can be helpful when keeping datasets synchronized because when one opens a dataset and edits a feature that is shared between two classes, both classes with be updated to review the edits. Cosmologists use topology to determine the shape of our universe, and in biology, topology is used to predict the growth of organs and other parts of the body.

To students, topology is very essential because it is possible to gain a robust understanding of fundamental ideas through clearly visual demonstrations. Additionally, topology depends on some core mathematical concepts that are very important to understand at preparatory level. Topology is a huge subject and can take many years to study and still feel like a complete beginner. Possible difficulties can emerge when students do not understand the concept of topology at the beginning and does not do more practice on the subject. Topology online help can be helpful when such difficulties occur and students can opt for topology help, which will help one to understand fundamental ideas. Trained tutors can also provide topology homework help to students to make one’s learning effective and constructive. Online writers have also provided students with topology help service to help students with difficult tasks by simplifying great workload and solving of problems.

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