Oneness Of Mankind (Essay Sample)

Oneness of Mankind

Oneness of mankind is the coming together of mankind from all opposites and uniting to be one. All human beings, irrespective of their race, culture, religion or beliefs share the same cognitive makeup that makes all human beings to be of the same kind. For existence purposes, unity is necessary because separation brings suffering and death. Mankind should, therefore, live in oneness since all nations, countries, and families are one big family. Love is the greatest and the most powerful unifying factor in mankind since when love exists among people, they become one. If love ceases to exist among people, they will not hold together, and oneness will not exist. Oneness has a lot of benefits where it exists, and in its absence peace, harmony among other things that hold people together get withdrawn. This paper is meant to discuss the oneness of mankind.

To start with, some factors promote oneness in mankind. Religion is one of the factors that promote mankind. Nearly all religions believe in the existence of one deity that created all human beings on earth. This factor makes people see themselves as one big family headed by a supernatural being. Another factor that promotes oneness is being part and parcel of a community. Being part of a loving and caring community with equity fosters the principle of oneness among its people. Belonging in the same community with other people promotes the dissolution of barriers that hinder oneness hence giving people the opportunity of living together as one. Love promotes oneness. Love, the most powerful and greatest unifying factors among mankind is essential for the existence of their oneness. When people love others the same way, they love themselves unity comes to reality.

Oneness breeds peace. Where oneness in mankind exists, people live in peace and harmony. In such situations, people live in joy and bliss since they see each other as one family regardless of their differences. They live with equality amongst themselves with very little or no fear at all. Oneness triggers conscious actions to mankind. Where it exists, people tend to be more conscious of everything in their lives. They become conscious of their emotions, reactions to situations, thoughts, and to people, they come across with. The sense of belonging to something greater makes people conscious of their actions, and in everything they do, they do not place their priorities before those of others. Where oneness exist people do not suffer yet, they can get help from others. Development hastens where oneness is present because it holds potential for everything. It enables people to work together as one for a common goal and to improve their lives.

In the absence of oneness, when people believe that they are separate and different from each other, all manner of disagreements, wars and unnecessary conflicts come into play. People fight, hate and kill their fellow human beings forgetting that we are all one. Some of the wars that are currently experienced in different countries worldwide are avoidable. The conflicting parties have just forgotten that they are one people and have instead put their interests before those of others.

In conclusion, there is much more in oneness than the mere absence of disunity.  Harmony is necessary for human beings to exist, it is necessary for peace in any nation, and worldwide, it is essential for development among other benefits that it comes along with. Beyond our different races, cultures, political ideologies and beliefs among other things, the fact that we are all humankind remains. For this reason alone, human beings should see themselves as one and live in harmony, peace and unconditionally love each other.

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