Old Is Gold (Essay Sample)

Old is Gold

Old is Gold is a short proverb with ultimately profound meaning, lying deep down, if understood and used correctly, then is worthy in our life. Indeed, it is undisputed facts about the love and desire for the old things. The value and worth of any old products are immeasurable. Despite the medication and beautification performed on the modern products, old goods remain super products in any market. More precisely, the proverb is best known for undermining whoever despise old and treat them as waste. The old things and materials are neither wastes but precious just like gold. For instance, our broken old buildings and pillars, monuments and statues speak volumes about our traditions and cultures. Secondly, old memories are great memories in the digital centuries. Categorically, the respect and joy for celebrating old events are incredibly impressive.

My desire and love for history are amazing. Exceptionally splendid I said. During my entire childhood four decades ago. Old teachers were super-being in my life. The old schools were the most prestigious center of excellence. Funnily, old furniture and automotive were attractive and admirable. Shockingly, the new models of automotive have just a slight improvement from the old structures. Notwithstanding the old houses with user-friendly, airy and ventilation. The old friendships were reliable and genuine. Finally, old wines cuisines were tasty. Going by the history, the value of acquiring and restructuring old goods is costly. Surprisingly, the modern is ready to access with little struggle. Sometimes, the modern goods are perceived to be priceless in the current market. In other words, the efforts to acquire old imply the value.  Old gold is precious like old, hence old is gold.

In the old days, wars were never a priority. There were peace and humanity. Times are shifting fast. The trust in past no longer exists. Human morals and dignity are eroding. There are little hope and gratitude in the new generation. Life is no longer established on goodness but the smartness to escape justice and accountability. People are wild, touchy and suspicious with no apparent justification. Greed and impunity overwhelm the society. People are possessed with the glamour to grab everything. Ill-motives surround the community. Frisking to prevent robbery and dishonesty is the trending culture and tradition of the current generation. No morals values and decency in the society. Truly speaking, yapping for the old tradition is endless. The past lifestyle was superb. It was good, though it is hardly achieved in the generation. Something of great significance is missing in the new generation despite the fancy lifestyle.

The generosity, patient and paramount love in the old days were sufficient and abundance. There were no jealousy and envy for neighbors and even the strange. Today, these humane attributes are gold with scarcity. Lunch time was the best hour to bring everyone together on the table. Foods stuff were in abundance for all the guests and strangers. Despite the minimum contribution from the visitors, courtesy and hospitality were enough. Everyone was perceived as relatives than competitors, unlike today. Being generous today is a choice and not a virtue. People spew much hatred and dishonesty even in sacred places. No more mercy in the society. Charity is limited despite its unique contribution to enhancing peace and harmony. The rewards to the guest are restricted to their contribution.  In conclusion, the proverb old is gold is a vital proverb in our life. It helps us to preserve the old rather than treating them as waste. Despite the change in time, having old gadget, tradition or memories is an honor. In regards to this old is gold.

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