Old And New Education System (Essay Sample)

Old And New Education System

Education is one of the most important tool that a person can have to face this world full  of judgements. The knowledge that you acquire from studying will be your weapon in overcoming all the challenges that you will encounter daily. The importance of being educated could not be compared to any amount of money a person has. All of us needs to be educated in any way possible, but as human race evolves, the way education has been taught also evolves.

The education system of our ancestors during the Paleolithic age  is very different from the education that we know today. Before computers or any technology has been developed, the only way our ancestors educate their children is  by teaching them skills they need in their daily life. Things like climbing up the tree, hunting, fishing and farming are the skills our ancestors are taught in order to be called educated. In their education system they are taught how to survive life by using their body as a tool.

It was in 3500 B.C when the ancient civilizations developed different writing styles. The hieroglyphics of Egyptians are known to be the very first writing style discovered. They carved writings on monuments or on papyrus using ink. The only people who are allowed to be educated by that time are the family of the King and other people who are connected to the Royal family . After hieroglyphics, people from around the round learned so many other writing styles like cuneiform and calligraphy. The only problem with this knowledge in writing is that, only selected people are allowed to learn it. In some countries, only men are allowed and in other countries only the royal family.

As we can observed the development of educational system,  it started with letters and then the reading followed. It was in  the twelfth century when education has been open to both men and women little by little. In Europe, churches became the first educational institution that can teach people the knowledge they need to be educated.

After the fifteenth century, most schools were founded and education has been more accessible for everybody. Most of those schools are founded with religious principles, so it means that it can be inclusive depending on your religion. It started in Europe and the rest of the world followed. After that era, school after school emerged and the demand for higher quality education heightened.

Now, in this age of overflowing knowledge and non stop innovation, the education style also improved a lot. From practicing skills that can be used for ever day tasks to complicated mathematical solutions. We can really say that the educational system have evolved so much to fit in the evolving world. People who are brain intelligent are now more sought after than people who are manually skilled. Diploma is now a proof of knowledge and dignity. The degree that you have is now the basis for job applications. The medals that a person has now defines how intelligent that person is.

The education system may have changed a lot, but its aim to make us all fit for a living and ready for life challenges will never change. So give your education importance, because it is not something that is given to everyone. It is a privilege that you get, so  make the most out of it.

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