Odysseus As A Leader (Essay Sample)

Odysseus as a Leader

Leaders are significant people in our societies because of the significant role that they play. However, for an individual to be categorized as a leader, he or she needs to meet a certain threshold of leadership qualities. Odysseus can be seen as a person with good leadership skills who does not live with this characteristic at all times. In my view, I think that Odysseus is fast at thinking and makes good decisions ahead of time. Since Odysseus works with a team of other individuals, he is capable of knowing the time to trust and not to trust his members. However, on the downside, Odysseus can turn to be a bad leader because of some reasons. One is that he seems to be too secretive to his team that plays a major role in the delivery of his leadership skills. He tends to hide some things from the members, which are critical when individuals are working collaboratively. Also, it is funny that Odysseus seems not to apply common sense in some cases and he ends up being irrational especially in decision-making. A leader is categorized to be good or bad depending on the manner in which he or she makes decisions regarding serious matters. Therefore, the way in which Odysseus makes his decisions portrays him to be a bad leader.

Odysseus is great at examining things to make them idealize with the goal that nothing turns out badly. In the Odyssey, he and his group go into a buckle to rest. While there, they get caught in by the Cyclopes, Polyphemus, who is Poseidon’s child. At a certain point, Odysseus has an opportunity to twisted him with his sword, yet understands that in the case that he does they could be caught until the end of time. He at that point thinks of a well thoroughly considered arrangement. Odysseus contemplates internally, “And now I thought how to hurt him most noticeably bad, if however, Athena conceded what I petitioned God for.” The arrangement is to get Polyphemus tanked off of wine, put intensely fire in his eye to dazzle him and leave the following morning while at the same time stowing away under the stomaches of his sheep. The arrangement is effectively executed the way Odysseus thought it out. At the point when Odysseus executes an extraordinary arrangement and him and his group adhered to it, it will work. That is one thing that makes him a decent pioneer. Taking everything into account, Odysseus helped him and his team by his incredible examining systems.

Something else that makes Odysseus a decent Pioneer is the way he knew when and how to confide in his group. For instance, he needs to hear the Sirens because nobody has ever survived it. Odysseus advises his team to plug their ears with beeswax and secure him to the pole of the watercraft and not to release him regardless of what he does or says. In brief, it is evident that leaders are expected to show certain qualities to be given a chance to lead the people. It is obvious that a leader cannot have all the qualities. In this case, leaders are expected to learn good qualities from their fellow leaders. Despite some of the weaknesses that have been pointed out in the text, we can see that Odysseus can be a good leader.

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