Objectives Of Samsung (Essay Sample)

Objectives of Samsung

Samsung Electronics Company Ltd. is an electronics firm based in Suwon, South Korea. It manufactures and sells electronic goods all over the world, with branches located in major cities across all the six continents in the world. It manufactures, among other devices, mobile devices, electronic gadgets, and storage as well as semiconductor devices. Samsung is considered the second-largest firm all over the world in terms of information technology after Apple Inc. The firm has various objectives which are discussed at length in this paper.

One of Samsung’s leading objectives is the attainment of a leadership position in the electronics industry. Currently, the firm holds the second position, facing major competition from Apple Inc., whose products have a dedicated customer base. While Apple Inc. has not diversified its range of products in comparison to Samsung, its products are known to be unique and high quality thus they are loved by dedicated customers particularly in the United States. Apple Inc. mainly manufactures mobile devices. To displace Apple Inc., Samsung would need to device more competitive strategies than those adopted by its chief rival.

The other objective that Samsung Electronics Company pursues is the manufacture of high-quality products, and to ensure that such products are availed in the latest technology all over the world. While Samsung has existed for many decades, its determination to outdo competitors in such product varieties as household appliances has remained steadfast.  For this reason, the firm has attained a significant customer base in terms of brand loyalty. Customers identify with Samsung’s brand particularly for home appliances such as refrigerators, iron box, and television. It makes use of the latest technology thus delivers goods based on the customers’ latest demands. For instance, when Samsung’s Note 7 phone developed complications and customers started blaming the firm for developing unsafe products, the firm recalled the phone model. This brings us to Samsung’s third primary objective- manufacturing products that are both user-friendly and environmentally friendly. The recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones highlights the extent to which the giant electronics firm is willing to go to ensure its products do not cause harm to the user or the environment. At some point, many airlines banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in their flights. The fact that the firm recalled the phone model shows its commitment to meeting its third objective.

In addition, Samsung has come up with one of the latest trends in the manufacture and use of the finest technology. It ensures that it provides its customers with products that more than meet their demands. The Smart TV, as well as the Smartphone, presents some of the latest trends in electronics. They increase a customer’s ease of use thus making life easier for users. Another new trend is the inclusion of browsers on smart TV. This new development has given users a chance to get more use on one device, as they can now utilize the smart TV for accessing internet services too, just as they would do for laptops. Samsung is, in this regard, committed to ensuring clients receive user-friendly, high quality, and trendy products.

In conclusion, the objectives of Samsung Electronics Company Ltd are consistent with not just the expectations of the customers but also the attainment of the firm’s main goal: higher profits. Delivering high quality of goods, utilizing the latest technology, and taking a leadership position in the technology industry are objectives that ensure the firm retains customers and increases sales.

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