Nursing As A Noble Profession (Essay Sample)


When we think about nursing, we think about the practice of nurture towards another individual. This is because we usually see nurses when we visit clinics and hospital institution where they apply their professional service for people who need an immediate medical help. In this case, nurses are considered noble professionals because they act selflessly while rendering their care towards other individuals within the workplace. They take responsibility to monitor the welfare and sustainability of health care workers, which has been a significant factor to ensure that the productive process of engaging in a fruitful relationship is consistently applied. The nobility comes with the care and consideration by the nurses while they are trying their best to ensure that the health of their patients is always achieved on a consistent basis.

Nursing is a profession whose responsibility is to provide care to the patients in either hospital or community setting. Nurses are the assistants of doctors who work harmoniously with each other in order to achieve one common goal, which is to render multiple levels of treatment and rehabilitation processes. Nurses work continuously both 8 and 12 hours in the hospital setting. In the professional field, nurses sacrifice their time and effort to concentrate on their patients. As a noble profession, nurses are able to confide their differences, which could ensure that their safety has been always a key factor in order to improve their services. Without nurses, there will be more efficient professionalism that is going to ensure that the dignity of each individual becomes efficient as well as accurate when rendering their care for the seek patients in the hospital setting.

The functions of a nurse that makes them as a noble profession are to render the doctor’s order within the healthcare setting. Nurses always check the doctor’s order, which is an efficient way to prevent any negligent acts towards the patient or to the institution. Checking the right patient is important so that the nurse will not be confused with other patients, especially when rendering their care. In this process, the nurse will clarify the patient by asking the name before administering medications or treatment. During the intervention process, the nurse constantly monitors the vital signs of the patient to determine if there are still abnormalities observed to the condition of the patient. This is because any abnormalities with the vital signs prompt immediate health care intervention to contain the existing distress towards the patient.

The nobility of the nurse is when they always understand the basic principles of care and intervention that are usually applied towards the patient as well as with other nurses in the hospital. It is important to apply the principles of ethics so that the patient’s safety and recovery will have a speedy outcome while being confined in the hospital. As a nurse, being adjunct with the professionalism of the patient ensures that the credibility becomes a factor to prevent any issues of distressing trust with other individuals. As a patient advocate, the nurse always ensures that the safety of the patient is always secured at any circumstances. In this case, the patient’s trust becomes elevated because they believe that the nurse’s responsibility is to ensure the quality of life and health care services to the patient seeking medical services in the future (Rosseter, 2012).


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