No Impact Man (Essay Sample)

No Impact Man

This is a nonfiction book written by the author Colin Beavan. He is also an internet blogger who has been noted for trying to make a no impact to the environment. he was named among the 10 best men in 2007 MSNs Beavan account his trial to become completely friendly to the environment in the book: At first Beavan sounds like an environmentalist  who accuses the deprivation of the globe on the government. Colin is feeble to at least make changes to anything. But he takes the matters concerning environment into his own by trying to do away with his own pessimistic environmental impact. Despite the fact that this is not difficult enough, he also goes with Michelle, who is his wife and their daughter, into his fundamental experimentation. Beavan breaks his aim into phases, which he tries and puts into physical action during the no-impact year. He handles everything that is from eating food which is local only to influence the use of toilet paper; all this is to achieve he aims at searching for a clear environmental conscience. Moreover to his struggles and success, Beavan gives the public some shocking statistical information to the people about the changes he is also trying to make, which he adds a sense of necessity to the way the public view life. To enlightening the public is the sociological and vital observation that Colin makes as he becomes like a foreigner looking in on our way of life. This essay seeks to describe the book, No Impact Man,

Colin’s book is a useful material for making changes in one’s life, and it is reflecting his life as the author. The most vital aspects of the book are the many alternatives or for lifestyle changes, from simple to radical, that can be adopted by the entire world. Colin is surprised, bothered, and angered at deterioration of the planets climate conditions. He is also and frustrated about those individuals who can contribute to such threatening condition to the world. Colin decided to do something which is his choice is to live a life of no impact to the environment for one year. That is to mean, in everyday his goal was to create a negative impact on the surrounding. In the city of New York he dragged his loving wife and daughter, and a dog along for the ride to other places. A no impact meant that there should be no transportation used that required the power to fuel for instance the, planes, vehicles or even elevators, no takeout foodstuff, no throwing of spendthrift containers, no water that is in bottles, no use of cutting items like razors, and eventually, no access to power lastly big things and little things as well as private things like hygiene. All this Colin calls it a trouble to nature. Later on Colin tries to show the world that indeed there are some things that deteriorate the surrounding. This good idea has seen the production of the film documentary. The film has seen various aspects of the book being emulated. Although it is hard for one to survive without the necessary important things like coffee, power or electricity and even toilet papers but the idea behind is to see our own environment or surrounding has been taken care of.

In conclusion, the book that Colin wrote is a simple example of how human being impacts the environment. Colin took his wife, his one-year daughter and a dog for a travel in the year. Colin tries to show how some things affect he surrounding. On his suggestion about the environment though very unusual but simply helps a lot to preserve and conserve our environment.

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