Negative Effects Of Newspaper (Essay Sample)

Negative effects of newspaper

The newspaper is a publication that appears regularly and frequently which carries reports about a variety of current events. Newspaper also plays a role in commerce through the advertisement, can also be a source of entertainment with defining features such as comic strips, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku, provides readers with information such as market reports, weather maps, listings of stock prices, etcetera, and has the most important role in always informing the audience with information on their politics, especially government announcements like the changes in oil price, increase in commute prices, and more.

Due to the newspaper’s informative characteristics, some researchers tend to use it as a source of information in their study; however, it is important to take note that for decades, it has been an issue of whether or not that the usage of newspaper is still a valid source in research, particularly historical research. Other than this, there are more negative effects of newspaper to be discussed in this paper.

One such negative effect is that there is some news written either due to bias or compensation. To explain, there are some newspaper company who are allies of, say for example, a politician or a company and unfortunately for them, they were involved in a scandal. To do damage control, they have agents talk with social media businesses and compensate them for making sure that the accusation will either be silenced or minimalized to a certain extent. Due to this, the integrity of real current news is falsified which is one of the leading causes as to why many scholars doubt the usage of newspaper as a form of resource in historical research due to such falsification.

The newspaper can also be a source of negative impression. Any negative impression, regardless that impression is directed towards a person or a product, can lead to their ruin. This idea is in-line with being bias stated initially towards a certain party; however, this can also be due to the false information provided by the field researchers themselves. In this regard, news writers have the power to be able to falsify any given data to them and twist it to wrong information. For example, a certain company which tackles making different sorts of vehicles has had their modes of transportation deemed as defective and should not be used by a newspaper in a certain country; this finding will highly affect their sales negatively even if the company knows their products do not have an issue due to multiple testing. Unfortunately, unless proven, the news has definitely impacted the car company of a negative impression amongst the mass. Likewise with the aforementioned, the integrity of true and factual news has been compromised.

News like any social media devices can be agents of spreading evil. Apart from spreading negative impression or having others be bias of the written news, the newspaper can also be agents of evil. This is done through glorifying organizations, people, or products by purposely deviating from writing any negative comments about them and instead, has been promoting meticulously to the gullible mass. The twisted ideals, goals, and ambitions of people or organizations are usually the ones promoted such as for example, the current problem with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in which they have put immense effort in inculcating their objectives in the minds of their victims and their recruits.

Generally speaking, to sum up the negative effects of newspaper stated above, reading a newspaper has definitely affected the mindset of many readers in a sense that their cognitive ability to analyze and make judgement of events are manipulated by reading falsified written information.

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