Nature Of The Game Volleyball (Essay Sample)


Volleyball is a popular sport around the world due to its highly competitive nature and the fact that you do not need highly expensive equipment to play the game. It was invented by William Morgan of Massachusetts back in 1895 in the United States and is currently played in more than two hundred countries.

Now what exactly is volleyball, its natures, and why are they important?

Volleyball can either be played indoors or outdoors; moreover, it is also played by six people. Its general objective involves sending the ball regularly over the net to the ground on the opponent’s court and to defend or block the ball from hitting the players’ own court.

There are numerous versions of competitive volleyball, such as Men’s volleyball, Women’s volleyball, Volleyball leagues, Beach volleyball, and more, with varying rules; however, it is important to take note that all these types have some common characteristics:

  • All types of volleyball competition are a team sport. As a team sport, they require proper communication and proper coordination with teammates in order to fulfill the objectives and secure the win.
  • Each team has a limited number of touches (usually three) on the ball before it is hit over the opponent’s court. The usual patterns of the touches start off with a dig or an underarm pass, then a set or an overhead pass, and lastly a spike or an overhead shot.
  • The objective of each team is to win a rally in order to gain a point over and over again until such a time that they are ahead against the opposing team and win all the sets allotted.

Regardless of the versions played, these rules are the same. Again, the very objective of the game is to be able to hit the ball over the opponent’s side of the court in order to score in a rally and gather those points to win the game.

To further explain the game’s nature, volleyball involves high concentration of the players and their surroundings. This puts emphasis that since the court is a very congested and dense area, it is a must to consider the position of each teammate in order to avoid mistakes such as hitting each other either by hand or by the ball which could lead a fatal injury, provide a good flow in the game by effectively attacking and defending, and be able to improve the teamwork amongst them.

Volleyball roles of offense and defense are reversed. To put into logic, the offensive players in the team fervently prevent the opposing team from scoring and have the mission to possess the ball whilst the defensive lane has the job of setting and attempt at scoring points. Unfortunately, most players have the tendency to have difficulty in this area since aggressive offense tend to lead to mistakes which leads to losing many points whereas conservative defense tend to produce less success due to less attempts and effort put into scoring. It is integral that the team members must inculcate in their minds the importance of being able to balance the roles reversal.

Another nature that volleyball has is that it offers little positive feedback. This positive feedback is much needed by the morale of each player and it is rather difficult to acquire considering there is barely time or interval in garnering this. To put it simply, it is a must to put emphasis on being able to score and to effectively block the opponent’s attack in order to keep high spirits which is one of the elements desperately needed in order to win all the sets.

In essence, it is important to incorporate these different elements in each gameplay in order to secure a win for the team and in order to bring out the best in each player not only as a volleyball player but as an athlete and team player as well.

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