Nature Of Language (Essay Sample)

Communication is a means of imparting information or news to another individual via different modes such as verbal and nonverbal as well as mediums be it a direct form communication such as talking, through messaging, and even through social media platforms such as Facebook or videos coming from YouTube. There are different modes of communication a person may use in order to convey his or her

Language can be defined in many ways, but its general definition and function relies on language being the medium of communication amongst countrymen or between foreigners. Language has several natures, and that is the topic of this essay.

Language can either be in a written or verbal form. Written language uses letters, numbers, or imagery symbols which is used by the writers to help the readers identify and understand the message they wish to convey. These days, due to modern technology and further innovation, a country’s respective language and alphabet are not the only ones learned by people but rather, computer language is also taught and understood such as binary, javascript, cascading stylesheet, and more.

Language also differs between man and animal. How do they differ? Apart from using their tongues as a mean of communication, animals are able to use different body parts and different body products in order to communicate with each other. For example, dolphins primarily communicate through transmitted signals, and primates which use three modes of communication, namely odor, body movement, and sound convey their messages to other primates. This nature of communication deals with having communication as including both symbols and signals such as gestures and sounds which are natural or native to the species in portraying language.

Language naturally identifies, and distinguishes a personal mark or trait of a person. Like what was explained earlier, language can also help someone distinguish another individual based from their language pattern or how they speak, and how they communicate in general.

There is another form and nature of language known as sign language. The nature of this sign language is the same as the other types of sign language wherein they are to convey the words hand signs, emotions, and or body movements. This type of language is a result from people with disabilities, especially the deaf and the mute.

Language can also give meaning to words. For example, it is widely known that the word “set” is a word with the most meanings wherein it can be a noun in fifty-eight ways, verb in 126 ways, and adjective in ten ways.

Overall, language is a beautiful form of communication wherein it is used to convey the emotions, feelings, remarks, words, messages, of a person through the use of different media and different forms such as verbal, and nonverbal wherein for verbal, it is mostly done on a one-on-one talk, or through a mass audience and may even be through the use of phones whereas the use of non-verbal languages or cues is via sign language which is mostly used for people with disabilities or for faster communication with a general meaning, through written such as comments, post, or anything which can convey messages without having the need to use a person’s vocal chords or voice. Additionally, language can give meaning to words be it a single or more definitions for a person’s understanding and use.

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