Nature Of Business Of Restaurant (Essay Sample)


A hospitality industry is a growing business sector in our society. It deals with the practice of enhancing the process of serving the public with products and services that benefit the interest of the general population. A restaurant is a sector of the hospitality industry that is concentrated on food products that are served for consumers who are interested to have fun with their loved ones while dining with each other. Restaurants are taking the advantage of consumers who want to spend their memorable days with their loved ones under their facility. In this case, consumers can have the chance to try the company’s products or services while dining inside the facilities of the company as well as having the chance to experience a casual ambiance of the restaurant.

The nature of most restaurants is a profit based institution. Restaurants are operated by business entrepreneurs who are skilled in doing a competitive business environment. The main goal is to promote their products through an aggressive business advantage. In this case, the profitability of the company comes from consumers who pay for their services and products, which are mainly comprised of edible products. As a business, entrepreneurs should prepare the most important ingredients to launch a restaurant. These are the recipes, restaurant furniture, pantry, the bar, beverages, appetizers, and the key ingredients to create a perfect recipe. Restaurants need manpower to mobilize the business. These are the chef, entrepreneur, waiters, cleaners, food servers, and accountants. The restaurant should have a security system installed in all corners of the facility. Examples are the installation of cameras, security guards, and medical kits provided by the restaurants to provide a basic first aid.

As an operating business, the entrepreneur should obtain permits from the local government unit of the community where they will be establishing a restaurant. Business permits to operate as a profit restaurant is important in order to ensure that the facility will not face violations against the interest of the community. The restaurant is required to obtain a sanitary permit to ensure that the food being served is always safe. Fire hazard safety permit is also required because the local government units will mandate the inspecting officers of the fire department to assess the area if it can pass all required tests. The restaurant should register as a member of a local, national, and international league of restaurants. This is to improve the competency level of the restaurant as an operating business. Restaurants that are members of certain leagues are more likely to be recognized as legit restaurants.

Restaurants become competitive if they establish more outlets to other communities. Each establishment generates discounts for returning clients who always patronize the products and services. Promotional items are usually given to regular customers, which can further generate a positive outcome for the company in general. There are programs such as singing chef and customer service crew to further elevate the level of ambiance of the facility. Advertising is an important marketing strategy of a restaurant, especially if it is transformed into a conglomerate. The need to expose the restaurant to television networks, social media, and print media is an example to promote the business. This is to increase the visibility of the company to generate new consumers to patronize the product and to share it with their family and friends.


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