Nature Is The Best Teacher (Essay Sample)

Nature is the best teacher

It is usually unnecessary to rely on human language as the source of information and teaching.  Observation and experience are, however, crucial elements in learning. The greatest source of learning or teacher is nature. Nature in most cases has an inspirational technique of teaching humanity.  People are able to learn the various mysteries, engendering awe as well as become enthusiast upon the discovery of the true nature works and operations. Nature is usually the giver of all the resources that are essential to human life while it does not expect payment in return.  Nature is the best teacher with its perfect balance, cycles, and creations which have inspired a man to excel in the fields of science, agriculture and even religion.

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The greatest lesson that mankind learns from nature is how to live a life. Nature is the best teacher since it reveals the different secrets of life. Such secrets include respect for everything within nature. When humanity respects nature, they find a balance with all the creation and harmony in life. The different species of all the organisms usually live in harmony and have peaceful co-existence. This kind of peaceful coexistence is a lesson that is portrayed to mankind and should embrace when living with one another.

Secondly, nature teaches on the personal care to humankind. This is exemplified through an understanding of how plants and animals contribute to nature uniquely in terms of quality, their interaction abilities, practicality as well as efficiency. Application of this aspect by humanity in the society usually enhance respect for nature itself, respect for others and appreciation of different talents and instill the desire for humans to work together in harmony and in the community. Furthermore, appreciation of nature brings about respect for life and encouragement for healing.

Another aspect of teaching that is derived from nature is trial and error.  Animals usually teach their young ones on the survival techniques through trial and error till they master the skills for hunting and gathering of food. Such demonstrations have been successfully implemented by mankind who current has teachers in schools, parents, and guardians who are able to guide and encourage students and children to find their own solutions to pending problems as well as encourage learning through actions. On a separate note, nature usually elaborates on the concept of action and reaction. This is demonstrated through the interactions between the plants and animals. Both the plants and animals are able to care and tender for others. They are beneficial to each other and operate in colonies among others.

Nature teaches mankind about connectivity. Different personalities such as artists, athletes, and businessmen among others are usually connected to nature. Nature helps them pursue their interests and passion via connection hence people are able to engage in gardening, hiking, mountaineering, wandering in the jungle, attaining beauty, landscaping, and tourism among others.  Based on such aspects, nature usually forms part and parcel of human lives. On a separate note, it encourages connection with eternity, encourages creativity, adaptation to a situation and change as well as healing.

In conclusion, the human survival has been based on the existence of nature that provides the necessary resources such as food, water, and air among others. In addition, it is the best teacher that gives all the necessities of life as well as inspires mankind to excel in life due to discovery. Therefore, embracing nature as part of human life helps people instill children to understand, respect and appreciate all the aspects of creation.  People who are aware of nature usually protect and preserve it for the next generation. Therefore, human actions towards nature should not be detrimental since its destruction directly or indirectly affect them at the present and in future.

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