Nature Is The Art Of God (Essay Sample)

Nature is the art of God

I have always felt a deeper bond with nature because I believe that nature is a reflection of God’s presence. I am always stirred by nature secrecy, making me reflect on the power of the person who created it. I concur with Dante Alighieri, an Italian artist who once said that nature is the art of God.  Let me among the people who affirm Dante’s sentiments, I have seen how outstanding God’s work is revealed in nature. Every time I listen to the birds twittering recklessly in the woods when I feel the warm morning breeze as it swarms around and seeing the sandstone formation and patterns found in several parts of the country.  The feel and the chill that comes along with nature, revealing the warmth of the sun rays beating down; all these magnificent features present a true description of artworks.

With beautiful butterflies, flitting from flower to flower without any disturbance and the hard-working bugs in the grass going about their business like any other man would. This shows how nature is; every living thing exists in perfect harmony.  Seeing the little flower buds basking in the morning sun portrays signs of new hope and a new beginning every day. The sunlight passing through droplets of water creates a beautiful image of a rainbow, the gentle and soothing music of the waters along the shores , the lack of noises from the outside world, makes you stop and think about God wonderful artwork.

Such natural processes present the perfect balance of art that very few people appreciate. I believe that when God created the earth, his intention was to make everything on earth to be good.  God’s goodness is what nourishes humans with joy when we find the true connection with nature. There is such tranquilizing beauty and charm of  Mother Nature. Nature is something to we can simply read about, we need to absorb, see in the picture and experience its beauty to understand what God has to offer to humankind.

Nature presents such a different kind of pleasure that one can totally revel in it. I do appreciate God’s creation and his artwork, creating plants, animal and people in unique ways is a mystery. God’s mystery can be reflected through different natural features like the seascapes, landscape and many other natural creations that truly shows the fact that nature is truly divine. We can only experience God’s presence in his creation; we see God everywhere in his magnificent gift of nature enables us to participate in a deep and eternal connection with him. If we live out such connection in our everyday life, then happiness cannot be achieved. I believe that God is always revealing himself through the beauty of nature.

If the sight of the moon and the blue skies gives you joy and move you if the simple things of nature around you provides you with a deeper understand of God creation, you need to rejoice because you soul is alive. Nature needs to take an important role in our life because of nature every time we connect with nature, we connect with our Creator who is God.  The existence of god’s spirit is in nature, the human need to search for God’s understanding of nature that is to have a self-understanding about our purpose on earth and God intentions.

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