Narrative Essay About Ghosts (Sample)


Are ghosts real? This is amongst the most asked questions in the world. People always have curious and doubtful responses when others reveal that they have had an encounter with a ghost. Some people tend to ridicule you and say you are crazy. Others inform you that ghosts are fiction and that they do not exist. Making a child accept or otherwise that ghosts are real can be quite an intricate task. Children are frequently known to have had “interactions” with ghosts. Telling them that what they usually encounter are just dreams builds a reality concept in them that ghosts do not exist. I once had an encounter which made me draw my own conclusions about ghosts.

I had once been selected to represent our school in the regional basketball competitions. I was so enthusiastic about it. The competitions were held in the neighboring town. Rumors had it that the neighboring town was always faced with drastic tragedies. Having arrived safely at our destination I concluded that we were out of any danger. Little did I know that I was counting my chicks before their hatching hour. After the week’s activities, as usual everyone went back to their assigned room. At times we would mingle with the students from other schools and tell tales.

One fateful night, I had stayed for long over at one of my friend’s room. We chatted till late in the night and past bedtime hours, so I decided to go back to my room. As I walked along the corridor, I could hear some students giggling in low tones, some snoring and others tossing and turning in their beds.  I was only a few meters away from my room when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned back and saw no one. I assumed that maybe someone was going back to their room too. I approached my room, opened the door and went straight for my bed.

I tucked myself in and lulled myself to sleep. After sleeping for a few hours, I felt thirsty and reached out for a glass of water. After drinking the water, I returned to my bed. I was still half asleep when I suddenly saw a figure at my window. I tried to ignore it and I closed my eyes. After a little while, I opened them slightly to see if the figure was still there. To my shock it was. I rubbed my eyes quickly in disbelief to confirm if it was all a dream but to my amazement it was not. I tried to scream but I could not. I felt like I was short of air when the figure seemed to be approaching me.

These events were happening at 3:00 am so everyone was deep in their sleep. I tried reaching for the switch but I could not move my legs. Blood streamed down my veins so fast. I felt as if my heart was in my mouth. I lay there in bed shaking with fear. I could not gather up myself and figure out my next move. After so many flashes of thoughts, I sprang out of my bed and stormed out of my room. I ran as fast as I could. The hallway was so dark and I did not mind whatever I was going to bump into as long as I could get myself to safety. I stumbled over and hit the back of my head really hard. My vision became blurry and I passed out.

I woke up later to find myself surrounded with so many students and teachers. I explained to them all that I could remember. One of the students informed me that that was not a ghost but that one of the workers usually does sleep walk and bumps into people’s rooms. I tried digesting all that to see if it made any sense but I could not and so I asked a friend to accompany me to my room.

The events of that day still scare me and since then, I have always believed that ghosts do exist. However, many people seem skeptical of my stance about ghosts but I always tell them that all it takes is one such encounter and their minds would be changed.

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