Myself As A Student (Essay Sample)

Myself As A Student

My first day at the college was a bit dramatic and somehow terrifying. The introductory lecture was about the requirement for hard work in order to achieve our goals. The older students made it look even worse by telling us the many challenges we were to expect. However, as time has been going, I have learned the things to do on my own differentiating the right and wrong. I have mastered what works for me in class work and best ways to keep it up all time. Besides, I have developed the art of interacting with other students easily as we work for our specific goals.

As a student, I learn best by listening to the tutor in class, working with others in groups, doing extra studies at home and also seeking extra assistance on challenging topics. Listening to the teacher has always been the main source of first-hand information. Teachers will always give extra details pertaining the subject of the day and expound using real-life examples. For me, this mode of learning works best since illustrations from real-world enable the concepts to stick in mind. Additionally, group work has been of major significance as we share ideas with other students. All of us might have different perceptions on the information from the teacher but when we sit together for discussion, we have a common understanding. It also enables me to get the concepts that were not clear during class time when other students understood better. Doing extra work at home and also seeking assistance from other people works best in the perfection of my work as a student.

There is a great goal of seeking success after the end of student life. I, therefore, grab every relevant opportunity that can motivate my success. After learning things that work best for me as a student, I developed strategies that can facilitate my success. For instance, sometimes I record the concepts from the teacher and listen or rather review them later when alone. Besides, I always encourage my colleagues to embrace group work for our benefit. Every group participant is assured of gaining more through group discussions. In addition, I ensure to create time at home away from normal distractions such as the television in order to study and do homework if any. Another strategy that always ensures best understanding is the creation of models and pictorial illustrations for project work.

My areas of strength as a student are good reading skills, making friends easily and ability to influence other students to participate in group work. It is, therefore, a guarantee that groups will always work for the benefit of all. However, there are some areas of weakness that I am working on in my journey of success. Time management factor is always a challenge for me resulting in late coming for classes, delayed completion of assignments and dragging others to start group discussions. To manage the challenge, I have developed a schedule for daily activities and places to be. It is, therefore, easy to know the time of doing assignments, submission, and personal studies. It is also easier to manage the time of meeting the many friends I make regularly without interference on personal issues.

Outside the class work, I play karate which has impacted a lot of discipline in my life. Besides, I take music lessons in evening hours which help in refreshing my mind out of the busy schedule in normal classes. Finally, I am actively involved in voluntary activities which have perfected my art of service to others.

Personally, I think other people see me as helpful, easy going and aggressive. I am always ready to assist fellow students in issues affecting them. I also go for what I want without giving up because my goals are well defined. Success to me is getting good marks and at the same time creating a positive impact on the society.

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