My Writing Experience (Essay Sample)

Writing is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, skills, and critical thinking ability in order to piece together words and weave them in such a way that would leave the readers in awe once they’ve read it as well as open their minds to endless possibilities. These are the goal of writing, and ever since I’ve started I’ve tried my best to reach the point where every article and every piece that I write is not only a jaw-dropper but also an eye-opener. Nonetheless, starting a career in writing is not as easy as it sounds like. Personally, I had to overcome a lot of difficulties and obstacles in my life in order to learn how to write, and much more, as I become a writer myself. Starting when I was a little kid, I find it hard to have a complete grasp of the grammatical rules in writing. As my teacher taught me how to write poems, short essays, and even short stories, I was able to somehow learn that grammatical rules need not make a writer stiff and blindsided but learning it could even make a person a more creative writer by being able to play by the rules. As I reached high school I started writing longer stories, business memos, and formal letters. This experience is indeed one of the most significant parts of my writing career since it taught me how to combine both formal and creative writing skills that is required for a professional writing career.

As I went through college, my experience as a writer has become even more proficient especially as I read through classical works of Machiavelli, Aristotle, Plato, and many more individuals who have written very effective and powerful texts that have been used for centuries even after their deaths. As I read through them, I learnt many other skills in both thinking and writing that made my skill repertoire a lot more diverse than what I was before.

Today, even while working as a writer, I never forget to go back to the fundamentals and read, in order to keep myself fresh from new perspectives and ideas that I could use in the future. Although my main goal of being able to write a world-renowned book is far from my reach, I constantly remind myself every time that I write that this goal is a destination. And, for every destination there is an underlying journey that one must take and that is where I am right now. And, as I work through every essays and every article that I’m tasked to do, I simply make sure that I pour my best into it.

As any writer would admit, the path to becoming world-renowned is not an easy one. Each of the classical books and poems that have been written has an underlying story that is filled with emotions such as joy, pain, anger, and sadness. Nevertheless, all of these books have one thing in common; all of them want to deliver a message, all of them wanted to change the world with the smallest possible contribution that they could give. This is the main goal of a writer. And as I trod through this difficult path today, I make sure that this goal is always there in order to serve as my guide. A guide throughout the whole experience, for the past, the present, and future.

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