My World View (Essay Sample)

My World View

Every normal person is rational and can hence make his or her own decisions based on their distinctive judgments. Consequently, each individual has his own set of beliefs that he takes to be true. This is in short, what worldview really means. It is how individuals perceive their own reality. Indeed, it’s true that while everyone has got his or her own worldview, much of it isn’t original probably because of the influence they’ve had from reading too much literature or the influence they get from mainstream media. However, there is still much difference and uniqueness when it comes to how people perceive things. My worldview is quite unique as well.

I believe that everyone was created for a reason. No creature came into this world with no duty to accomplish. It would be absolutely tragic for anyone to go through life, without any goal, accomplishment or even a plan. The journey of man and the story of life, with the back end of the inevitability of death, should be taken more like a timer or hourglass. Every minute and every moment matters. Simply put, every person should be productive in one way or the other. Laziness and unproductivity can be equated to impotence. Lack of it thereof, creates a situation where the need to survive is not only fundamental, but also critical.

When it comes to matter about justice and fairness, it is actually selective. While history has so often provided various case studies on justice and fairness, the reality is that there is very little justice and fairness in life, if any. Human beings are naturally selfish and as a result, will only push or pull the drum skin towards his side, or the side that favors him. The notion of fairness is therefore relative. What occurs is that the coincidence of good deeds and certain expectations from a group of people, is what often gets termed as justice.

This brings about the operability of natural laws. Nature itself is a self-adjusting system, constantly adjusting and readjusting to ensure that all the elements constituting it, are in some form of equilibrium. The effectiveness of karma can sometimes be brought to question. After all, why do bad people tend to live for so long and good people die early? Why is it that the people who acquired their wealth or fame in dubious ways end up being so prosperous and celebrated? Anyway, those are just the mysteries of nature. The bottom line is that the measure of morality is not universal, neither is it written on stone.

My rules for life is that one should live as he feels right, as long as one doesn’t kill or steal from anyone. Too many rules and laws result again in too many crimes and misgivings. While there might be a break in either, it follows that with each rule, there is an exception. Such exceptions are what create loopholes for more unethical practices. A satisfactory life goes hand in hand with living within one’s limits, free of to many restrictions.

World views are dynamic and can therefore change at any instance. It is like a wheel that is continuously rotating, adjusting its speed based on terrain and the forces. With the changing perceptions of people, beliefs also change. These belief systems change since the ways of life change as well. There is a high likelihood that I will strongly begin having my own worldview that is devoid of any external influence, be it from the media or society at large.

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