My School My Home (Essay/Paper Sample)

My School My Home

Diverse views emerge at the mention of the word home. A well-laid structure with modern standard belongings identifying a family. To some, comfort and a place where one has freedom define their ideal home. However, a home would be more than a physical construction it is a feeling. Heterogeneity of the home concept exhibits the human diversity both psychologically and physiologically. Arbitrarily, home is subjective to each individual based on one’s experiences and perception of what a real home entails.

The question arises as to whether a home can be identifiable, transferable or replaceable. At times, the place one likes spending a large proportion of his time would transpire as home. Literally, many people presume home as the physical identity where one gets food, shelter, clothing and parenting. However, one would find comfort, love and friendship in a school rather than at the parents’ place. Hence, my school my home would virtually mean two things. First, the reception one gets at the school replicates a home environment where love, care and other homely identities prevail. There’s sense of security and support from surrounding persons. On the other hand, one would get the factors identifying a home where the family lives. However, a similar atmosphere of love, tenderness, friendship and care is exhibited at the school level. In such a scenario, my school resembles my home.

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What drives an individual to call a school his home? Lexy, an 8-year-old girl loved spending more time at her school. After classes were over in the evening, she would stroll and roam about the school compound, go to the school kitchen or spend time playing. Is it that the little girl had no home or she did not want to home or rather the school was a home to her. After watching her behavioral trend at the school for four days, I decided to have a chat with her. While interviewing her, Lexy opened up to me that she lived with her mother who was always drunk in a tattered house-like structure. Her mother was never there, no food, love or care.

Unlike other school children who yearned to go back home in the evening, Lexy dreaded the setting of the sun. At school, she got few friends, teachers who cared for her and would offer material support and enjoyed learning. She drew her happiness from the school environment. Whatever she needed in a home Lexy found it in school.

Unlike Lexy’s case, many schools rarely identify, reach out or enrich the lives of those unprivileged students with a place to call a home. So, my school my home! Would this really transpire across the world where individualism has taken over the face of the earth? Nonetheless, replication of the home environment in schools will greatly influence academic performance. Child negligence is a pathway to the child’ destruction and a lost future generation.

Essentially, a home is a feeling. It is not merely a physical structure. Transferability of the homely feeling in a large percentage to other places such as the school levels the environmental atmosphere. For me to refer to my school as my home, I should enjoy spending time there and carrying out my school activities without the need to be coerced. A school should provide a favorable space for personal growth. With modernism, is this something that we can behold or not? My school my home.

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